How do I know God exists? | Dr Vince Vitale

Hi friends,

Many of us want to have a simple, clear way of explaining why Christianity is true to our friends. In this talk, by Dr. Vince Vitale, you can gain insight into four key points that you can easily make in a conversation with friends.

Here are some rough notes of the key points:

Four kinds of arguments:

  1. BACK. The universe has a beginning about fifteen billion years ago. It makes more sense to agree with Genesis ("In the beginning, God created…”) than to think that everything came from nothing.

  2. UP. The universe is finely tuned. Like a tornado going through a junkyard and producing a Boeing 747 airplane. It makes more sense to think that a Designer, and not randomness, caused this result (Romans 1).

  3. DOWN. Empty tomb. In a book published by Oxford University Press, Richard Swinburne says it is 97% probable that Jesus physically rose from the dead. The original eyewitnesses were willing to suffer and die for their claim that they had met the risen Jesus. Criticism without alternative is empty - and the alternatives are not persuasive.

  4. IN. Can we know God personally? Jesus paid the price on the cross so that our sins may be washed white as snow. We can pray to God. God crafts the details of our days so that we might know him. How? We say “Sorry” and “Thank you”.

We could also mention the moral argument and many others.

Questions for discussion:

  1. Have you asked a friend what they believe to be true? Have you asked them why they believe what they believe? How did it go?
  2. Do you feel prepared to share why Christianity is true?
  3. What other points have you found helpful in making people curious about Jesus?

Such amazing insight and easy to remember 4 pointers!

Thanks for sharing this gem, @CarsonWeitnauer