How do I know of evangelism is for me

I am generally a shy, anxious person who is clumsy with my words but recently I have had people nudging me towards evangelism and have felt that God does me to do this, how do I know if this is really God’s plan for my life and if it is, how do I overcome the many barriers that I have


Thank you for sharing your struggle. As christians, we are disciples (followers) of Jesus and Jesus has commissioned us in:
Mark 16:15 - And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

We have been commissioned as believers to preach the gospel. If we don’t preach how will people know about Jesus?. Remember, it was someone who presented the gospel to us before we accepted Christ into our hearts.
All christians by default are to share their faith with others, that’s how we win souls for Jesus and the bible says that he that wins soul is wise.

We need to let the holy spirit use us. We need to be yielded and trust the Holy spirit to help us overcome our weakness. Many people in scriptures had several challenges with sharing the gospel,but the holy spirit helped them overcome their weakness and they were used mightily by God and did exploits for the kingdom.


@boshakudzai, I can completely relate. I’m also quite shy. I love hanging out on Connect, where I can think carefully before posting. Live conversations scare me.

@Cherry is right that the Holy Spirit helps us overcome our weaknesses. That is central. I also find it’s essential to love God with my whole heart and fill my life with the things of God. As I do this, I mention God more naturally in conversations because He’s central to everything in my life.

My original struggles in evangelism came from attempting a style of evangelism that didn’t work for my personality or for the people I wanted to reach. As I’ve learned other ways to do evangelism, I’ve become more comfortable.

You might enjoy a couple recent RZIM podcasts. Have you ever listened to The Defense Rests with Abdu Murray? In the last two episodes, he interviewed Greg Koukl, and they discussed Greg’s book Tactics, which is about evangelism.

Here are links where you can listen to the podcasts and discuss them with us if you wish.

One of the main points in the book is that you don’t have to move someone all the way to accepting Christ in one conversation. Evangelism isn’t as scary when we listen to our friends and then try to slip in one comment or question that will move them a step closer to Christ.

Greg Koukl emphasizes asking questions. If we ask good questions and listen carefully to the answers, we discover what is keeping our friends from Christ, and we can speak to that.

Here’s a link for his book: Tactics, 10th Anniversary Edition.

You might also enjoy RZIM Academy’s Core Module. It’s an online course that covers the Christian worldview and trains participants to ask good questions and listen well.

As we develop these skills, evangelism doesn’t seem as terrifying. In fact, it can be fun. But I never want to give the impression that evangelism is itself a skill. It flows out of our love for God, and we must rely completely on God for strength and wisdom.

May God bless you as you journey with Him in this.


@boshakudzai, after I mentioned the importance of asking questions, I realized I should have asked you a few questions to make sure I was on the right track with my answer. :slight_smile:

  • Are you hoping to get more comfortable sharing your faith with your friends, or do you want to learn how to evangelize strangers?
  • Do you envision ministering to people one-on-one, or are you thinking of speaking to groups?
  • Are you considering becoming a full-time evangelist, or would you keep a “secular” job and evangelize through your daily life?

If you have a chance to share what kind of evangelism you have in mind, we’ll gladly share thoughts that are directly applicable to your situation.


Thank you very much @Jennifer_Wilkinson ,your advise is really encouraging, I’ll definitely listen to those podcasts
As for the questions at the moment I would be happy just being comfortable, composed when talking to my friends about Jesus but I do hope to be more outgoing in future so that I can even share my faith with strangers.
I also think one on one conversations are more effective for me because they allow me to really understand what the person I’m talking to is hearing so that I know if they understand what I’m saying or if I need to adjust my words.
lastly I plan on having a “secular” job but I definitely want my faith and evangelism to be a part of my life where ever I end up.

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Thanks. These are my thoughts as well.

Not everyone has the “gift of evangelism” but that should not stop you from sharing your faith with others if and when it comes up.

For example, a few days ago, when I was wearing a Christian band shirt, someone asked me about what my shirt meant to me. We were in a gas station at the time. This gave me the opportunity to share my faith with this other person - a complete stranger! We ended the conversation on a good note talking about how through all this chaos, God is still in control.


Great response @Cherry.

@boshakudzai I will want to add that, though not all are given as Evangelist, we are to share our faith, and you can begin with letting your life speak.

When your life speaks the kingdom, it tends to attract people to know you and what your principles are, for which you are to point them to Jesus without being ashamed. Remember Romans 1:16.

With time in the secret place with God, the Holy Spirit would build into you the grace of words to declare the gospel to anyone you meet. Take Shy Peter in scripture as an example. The Spirit of God in you is not timid, but fills you with boldness. As @Cherry has said,

Just yield, cos God can use anyone and anything and He is willing to use you as well. Shalom


@boshakudzai, you have wonderful desires and goals. I think one-on-one conversations within the context of friendship yield much fruit. In fact, I think it’s one of the most effective methods of evangelism in our culture. People today believe so many different things, and we need to spend much time listening before we know what to say.

I originally wanted a job in full-time Christian ministry, but I’ve found my secular job gives me many more opportunities to form relationships with people outside the church. It’s fun. :slight_smile:


Amazing thanks, I pray opportunities lien this may be presented to me too

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That’s awesome that you have a job that’s works well with your Christian life and you’re having fun at it too

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@boshakudzai, I keep thinking about your question, and the following verse has been on my heart.

Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated, common men, they were astonished. And they recognized that they had been with Jesus. (Acts 4:13 ESV)

Evangelism starts in our time alone with God, reading the Bible and communing with Him in prayer.

To be honest, Bible reading is generally easy for me, but prayer is not. I’ve struggled with talking to God about stuff He already knows. Then my mind wanders, and I give up. However, God has been working in my life lately, and I’m seeing my prayer life deepen. I’m thankful for that.

May our friends look at us and say, “They’ve been with Jesus.”

AMEN!![quote=“Jennifer_Wilkinson, post:11, topic:40911”]
May our friends look at us and say, “They’ve been with Jesus.”

I’ve also been thinking about this how the words we say come second to the life we live and way we interact with people
I also listened to Abdu’s interview with Greg koukl that you suggested, it was very insightful and helped me out a lot

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