How do I reach an atheist?

How do I reach an atheist? How do I explain that there is a God?


Great question Ronald, This can be difficult given that some atheists are people that we love and care for. :disappointed:
A couple of place to start for me are a close personal relationship that allows meaningful topics to be discussed. :slightly_smiling_face: The second thing that I think is important is prayer. We are part of the process to reach out to the world but all must come because they are called by the Lord. :pray: The next step that I would take would be trying to open 2 areas of discussion; the first one is with regards to origins; how does a universe and a home (planet earth) being so well designed and setup perfectly for human life come from nothing. You will need to learn some of the unique and highly unprobable features that make up our world. Examples can include, uniqueness of the moon to our plant, expansion rate of the universe, the exact setting of the strong nuclear force and gravity, etc. There are about 30 of these factors that make our earthly home no mere accident. And without someone that has planned in detail how this world is to function it would not be here little own function so well for life like ours. The other area that I would open for discussion would be around the area of morality. Where do we get the rules to live human life by. Can we all decide for ourselves how we are to treat others. Why do we think treating other well is so important. Take a look at the news these days…if we all evolved from some primordial slim then why do BLM? Our society seems to be trying to get to a higher moral plain but where do the rules come from? Certainly not from Darwin, the champion of evolution; women, colored people in his writings were all under evolved. :thinking:
The final thing that I would like to add, is to be prepared for a lengthy period of sharing, it takes time for the other person digest the information that you may give them.
Hopefully this is helpful to get some conversations started with those that are having a hard time with the idea of supreme heavenly creator and savor.


Hello @GrandPA53 and thank you for this thoughtful question. From my experience I’ve found that each soul has a history that should be considered, and with that in mind I would break ground by asking the person how they came to their atheism. I think this is the first step that develops some understanding and compassion. Secondly let them talk, and listen.

We’ve had some epic conversation in a couple of podcasts between Abdu Murray and Greg Koukl that are intended to give us some pleasant ways to engage without being a hammer. Here are the links to those podcasts here on Connect:

Ronald, I’m praying for your engagement now as you seek to share truth with compassion in the way of Christ!


Hi Ronald,
Really like the resource that @BloomHere has brought up in this conversation. It is a good one. Finding out what their particular hangup is will give you an area to focus on. Mostly I think that you will find that they are not able to put their finger on their hangup in any meaningful way.
But I couple of more thoughts that might guide your interactions with an atheists. Firstly to be an atheist means that they have investigated all others religions and that it can be proven by some scientific method that none of them are scientifically true. It’s a position that most people know they fall short in so they usually default to an agnostic position. And secondly that they have scientific proof that there is no such person as God. And thirdly that they have been able to prove by some scientific experiment that the earth (and universe) and everything in it came from nothing.
May the Lord go with you as you try and share the love of our Lord.


Hey Ronald, I’ve spoken to a few Atheists. Any attempt to share the truth with these people can seem ineffective at times. Think about it this way: a blindfold can feel really good to someone who enjoys a dark life. To get that blindfold off can require much patience. I’m thankful for your desire to reach out to people who have that blindfold. It’s important for us to allow God to reveal Himself, and please recognize that He chooses to use you and me to do just that! We must be sensitive to the Lord regarding the right approach. An atheist usually has the mindset of “see it to believe it.” This perception introduces a special concept in regards to sharing the Gospel - we must be the hands and feet of Christ; we must SHOW him/her that God exists through the way we live our lives. This is not to downplay the importance of words, but rather to enhance the impact of the words we say by demonstrating our beliefs every day. Any Atheist with whom you share the Gospel will get some idea about who God is by first watching you. Open the Bible regularly. Pray! God works best when we are on our knees.