How do I respond to questions about theistic evolution?

Hi Daniel, thank you for spending this time with us. I’ve been engaged in conversations on the topic of theistic evolution and need some direction in this respect. While I’m aware that there is a spectrum of possible definitions, I was wondering if you could share a bit on how you would respond to someone asking for an opinion on it. I would also appreciate if you could direct me to some resources for a better understanding of what it entails and the possible issues associated with it. Thank you.

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Hi Helen, great question! I personally tailor my answer depending on who I’m talking to. If I was talking to a non-believer I’d consider it a win if they even considered the possibility of even the most deistic view of theistic evolution. So, I’d gear my conversation in a way that helped them see the need for a God. If I’m talking to a believer my conversation usually consists of defining our terms. As you probably are aware, theistic evolution means different things to different Christians. One major resource that has benefited me is the book “Theistic Evolution: A Scientific, Philosophical, and Theological Critique”. It’s incredibly comprehensive and takes you through all the different views from several different perspectives. If you’re looking to become more well versed in the topic, I’d highly recommend that book.


Thanks, @Daniel_Rangel, for your response. I managed to read an excerpt from the book online and found that it is certainly informative and will guide me in my understanding of the difficulties underlying theistic evolution. There are some big names in the scientific and theological world involved in the writing of the book :)) and I’m looking forward to learning from them.

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