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How do I set my profile

I am trying to set up my profile. I need guidance please.

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Hi Kathy,

To make changes to your profile:

  1. Click on your photo at the top right of your screen
  2. You will see your name in grey at the top of the drop down box: Click your name.
  3. New options will appear in the box. Click on “Preferences.”
  4. On the preferences screen, click on any of the grey options on the left side of the screen to edit your profile. You can fill out an “About me” section, change your picture, etc.

Also, you will find answers to many of your site-related questions in our #site-feedback category. Be sure to check there for help!




Thank you Lizbeth!
This is wonderful. I am trying to learn how to navigate your amazing sites. Your patience and response is appreciated.

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