How Do I Start To Talk To Others About Jesus?

Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with others is the greatest privilege given to Christians. We are commanded to do this by Jesus himself in the Great Commission, and we have an intrinsic desire to share the same good news about the God who rescued us. Yet often we find ourselves crippled by fear and feelings of inadequacy when it comes to sharing the gospel with unbelieving members of our community. This week, Vince and Jo discuss how to begin talking to others about Jesus, offering some practical tips for conversational evangelism.


Questions for further discussion:

  1. Does this resonate with your experience? Do you find it difficult at times to know how to begin conversations about Jesus/faith? If so, does it seem to be more difficult with certain people than with others (i.e. with family members, coworkers, etc.)? Why do you think this is?

  2. What have you found to be helpful in starting meaningful conversations with others?

(Feel free to answer #1 or #2, or both!)

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I liked the simpleness of what Vince calls ‘Connected Questions’, and that the deeper conversation can be opened up by connecting the next question to the last one after you have really listened to the answer. He said that deeper conversations are no more than 3 or 4 connected thoughtful questions away.

I consider myself ‘ok’ at making conversation, but I tried it on Sunday, to a friend of mine going through Bible college, and surprisingly (or not so much) we got to more interesting topics fairly quickly - rather than ask three unrelated questions that stay on the surface of conversation. I’ll be working on this skill and remember to ask ‘Connected Questions’.