How do l know when I am supposed to wait upon the Lord and when I am to take a step of faith?

How do l know when I am supposed to wait upon the Lord and when I am to take a step of faith?


Hi Doreen, thank you so much for your question. I am honored to answer the first question you posted on RZIM Connect!

Allow me to give you a general guideline since I am not quite sure about your situation and context.
The first (and obvious) point is prayer. We know God’s will through conversations with Him in prayer and meditating on the Word.
And I assume that you have done that, which leads to my second point, divine opportunities. Is God opening doors for you to take a step or is it completely closed? If they seem to be open and you have peace in the prayer, and you don’t have any serious reason against it, it might be time for action.

But the third and the crucial point is to be ready to change your plan after you make a decision. It is vitally important to continue to listen to the Lord’s guidance. I remember someone pointing out that it would have been a tragedy if Abraham obeyed God to take his son to offer him as a sacrifice but stopped listening to God’s voice before He said, “Stop! Do not lay a hand on the boy.” We always need to be open and flexible for God to change our plans as He reveals greater things in the process.

I personally ask this question whenever I have to make big decisions in life. A little while ago, I had a conversation with Abdu Murray, one of the senior RZIM speakers, on how to choose which way I should take in terms of my career. He said, “There is no bad way that you can choose. There might be a delayed way but God will not waste it.”
Indeed, God is the Redeemer and even though we might, at times, make unwise choices, how relieving and reassuring to know that He will always bring good out of evil.
So, rest assured that God will carry you through the journey when you seek Him!