How do we approach other Christians who disagree with our view that homosexuality is unbiblical?

Hi Sam,
One of my friends, who professes to be Christian told me that my views on homosexuality are wrong. My friend told me that I am being a bigot. Whenever I try to have a conversation with her about Biblical view on sexuality, she lashes out and starts yelling at me. Her argument is that Some of the Bible verses are not applicable and that God made us each in unique way. Do you have any advice how to approach this matter? I believe that Bible is the word of God and without errors.

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Thanks Irina,

So appreciate you being part of the RZIM Connect community and for asking this. You will not be alone in having some respond to you in this way.

There are a few things to say on this:

  1. I’d love to ask your friend whether she thinks Jesus is a bigot, or outdated, or uninformed in some way about marriage. Let’s set aside the issue of whether the Bible is inspired and how it applies and just simply ask this: Jesus taught that sex outside of marriage was sinful and that marriage is between one man and one woman –– so is he right? She professes to be a Christian: will she follow Jesus on this? If (as seems incontrovertible to me) Jesus really says these things then we either follow him, or claim to somehow know better or more than him. The latter is not compatible with being a Christian.
  2. As to how some Bible verses apply, we need to avoid two mistakes: one is to think we can wholesale cut sections out of the Bible. Jesus has not come to do away with the Law. The OT remains in our Bibles. The second mistake to fail to understand how Jesus has come to fulfil the law. He fulfils it all, but different parts in different ways. The food laws no longer apply because Jesus declared all foods clean. The sacrificial and temple regulations no longer apply because Jesus is the sacrifice and Jesus is the temple. But the moral laws around sexual ethics do not derive from the sacrificial codes or the civic and cultural regulation of the people of God as a nation state –– they derive from the blueprint for human sexuality given to us in Genesis 1-2, which is why these sexual ethics are repeated throughout the Bible and underscored in the New Testament.
    I hope that helps!
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