How do we convince other Christians that apologetics is a good tool for evangelism and is not an indication of weak faith?

Greetings. How do you answer people when they insist that people who use apologetics are just weak in faith. That no one of true faith needs intellectual arguments and to debate these things is just being argumentative and goes against Christian faith.
I teach a class on apologetic matters at my local church and I’m often faced with people who believe that what I’m doing isn’t needed. They know Christianity is true because they know and if one has true faith they will just know it is true.
I disagree with this attitude and I believe that there is nothing wrong with wanting good answers to sincere questions. Is there a way I can help these people understand the need to have good answers to people’s sincere questions? Also how can I help my people understand it is worth the investment of their time in learning what the challenges to Christianity are and how to defend against them?
Greatly appreciate all you and the others at RZIM do for the Christian community.


Hi Sandee, I recorded a short video response. I hope you find it useful! Thanks for your question.

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