How do we engage non-believers on the topic of pain and suffering?


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Hi Andy,

First off, Happy New Year from Singapore! Thank you for your ministry and work. I follow you closely on Solas and RZIM and look out for your talks/seminars online frequently. Was interested to hear your views on the following.

  1. You’ve touched on the problem of Evil in the world before. But how do we begin to engage non-believers about suffering such as deformed babies, or babies with diseases that are expected to have short life expectancy?

  2. What is your approach when talking to others with non-islam worldviews? Specifically buddhism or hindusim?

  3. How do we engage people who claim to have seen visions of e.g. buddha appearing in a hospital room that waved his hands over a patient, and later have seeemingly miraculous healing results? While we can talk about the Christian view about lying spirits without causing offense, while steering the person to Christ?

Thank you so much for your time.

Ask Andy Bannister (January 8-12, 2018)
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Hi friends, please enjoy this second video from Andy:

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