How do we evangelize people without feeling like we are persuading them to believe something?

Hi @Shawn_Hart,

Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions and I have to say I love you and Ivy’s podcast Cover to Cover! I really enjoy your book’s discussions.
Anyhow, my question. The majority of my friends are “non believers” but when I start to listen they do believe in God because they were raised in a Christian setting (catholic or protestant) but they only mentioned “I believe in God”… and some have said “but I don’t believe in Jesus” and here is where it gets tricky for me because I don’t know how to ease into a conversation about why they should believe in Jesus or at least leave them with some truth that they could go and keep thinking on their own. Almost always this occurs in a setting where we are hanging out so it’s weird for me to turn a happy hour into talking about Jesus… Another thing against me is the fact that I’ve never liked to convince people so it feels like I am the one trying to convince someone that is just not interested and I immediately get turn off by that… Any suggestions on how to break my mentality of “not wanting to convince people” and how to ease into the topic of Jesus?

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Hi @lopezbeatriz28,
Thank you for the question! Please see the video below for my response.