How do we find the latest Slice?

(Mike Deisher) #1

I have been subscribed to Slice of Infinity for many years and it has been a part of how I start my day. I have really appreciated the articles and often use them for inspiration when I develop adult Sunday school lessons to teach at my church.

Recently, some changes were made that make that a lot more difficult to do. The web site was reorganized so that it is no longer possible to find the most recent article. It is only possible to search by topic and not by date. Since I have read them all, this makes it very difficult to browse through the entire list looking for the new one. Is there a way to search by publication date?



(Brandon Jeffers) #2

Hi @mike1,

Sorry for the delay. We have heard this feedback from yourself and from others, and we have now updated the online archives of A Slice of Infinity so that the most recent articles will appear first. Because the articles will occasionally be repeated, it is difficult to label each article with a specific date, but the article at the top of the page should match what was sent today, the next one down should be yesterday’s article, and so on. Thank you for the feedback! We hope this makes it a little easier to keep up with A Slice of Infinity. Please let us know if you have any other feedback or questions.