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How do we know that God created angels at the beginning of creation week? And when what Lucifer cast down from heaven?

Where do we have biblical support of the statement that God created angels at the beginning of the creation week?

Also, if God created angels at the beginning of creation week, then when was Lucifer, the lead angel of light, cast down from heaven?


Hello @AnnaLinzey, from my understanding angels were created before humans because some scholars believe Genesis 1:1 indicates the heavens were created first.

I don’t think we can 100% know the exact time when they were created since the Bible is silent on that but some scholars make good cases for when they think. As for Lucifer, I believe the Bible is silent on the exact time of when he fell as well. But what we do know is that the spiritual rebellion happened before the natural one, which is the fall of man.

Here are some more resources if you want to know more about spiritual beings and the creation account. And feel free to ask more questions or make more posts if need be. :slight_smile:
The first video here is a playlist of videos about spiritual beings and the second is a teaching by biblical scholar Dr. Michael S. Heiser.


Excellent question, @AnnaLinzey!

We know the angels were created during the first six days of creation, because Exodus 20:11 and other places say things like, in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is. The angels would be a part of all that in them is.

The most straightforward scenario would appear to be this:

Genesis 1:1 says that God created the heaven and the earth - apparently in that order since He names them in that order. If the evening and the morning are the first day, then the heaven would have been in the beginning, or the “evening” portion of the day, and the earth would have been afterward during the “morning”.

So God created the angelic hosts when He created the heaven, and they were just in time to sing the glories of the Creator as He made the earth during the morning of the first day. Job 38:4 talks about when God laid the foundations of the earth, and the passage goes on to describe in verse 7 how the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy. Those sons of God are obviously angels since men won’t appear until Day Six.

So it appears that God created heaven and its angelic hosts first thing on the first day of creation.

When did Satan fall? Well, it wasn’t during the creation week, because at the end of it, God looked on all that He had made and pronounced it very good in Genesis 1:31. So no sin yet!

And it wasn’t on the seventh day because God rested. No rebellion going on then!

While the Bible doesn’t explicitly say when this happened, it does give us a time range and a couple of clues.

The time range is found in Genesis 5:3. Adam had Seth when he was 130 years old. So the fall of man (which came sometime after the fall of Satan) had to have been sometime under 130 years from his creation. But you also have to subtract whatever time would allow for Cain and Abel to be born and grow up, for Cain to kill Abel, and for Seth to replace Cain.

So I’d put the range anytime after the end of first week and before the end of the first century.

But what triggered Lucifer’s rebellion? What could he have been discontented with in paradise? Well, obviously he wanted the power to rule. That’s what he tried to steal. So consider this:

Creation ends in Genesis 2; the temptation starts in Genesis 3 making it appear that from creation to corruption was probably closer to the end of the first week than it was to the end of the first century…

Our only other clue to what caused it is the last thing before God declared it all very good. He gave mankind dominion over the world – we were the lords of the earth.

And what role do angels get after we’re created? They’re our servants – ministering spirits, Hebrews 1:14 calls them – to minister to the heirs of salvation – that’s us. Psalm 91:11-12 says they’re charged with guarding us against dashing our foot against a stone – like a royal nanny safeguarding the toddler prince at play in the garden.

And I Corinthians 6:3 says we’ll someday judge, or rule over angels. Revelation 3:21 even says we’ll sit with God on His throne over all creation - the very throne Lucifer tried to steal! When the toddler prince grows up, he rules the nanny who once ruled him!

Can you imagine the most powerful and beautiful angel in all creation thinking:

“God – are you serious? All my brilliance, glory and power is to serve these puny little mortals you’ve made? They could never match my glory! My wisdom and power could rule this entire universe, but instead, you share dominion with these…these…humans! You’ve made them lower than us angels, but you’ve crowned them with glory and honor – you’ve set them over the works of thy hands! They have no superpowers – they can’t even fly!

“If I raise the seas against them, or the whirlwinds, if I loose the locusts upon them, or heat of the sun – they’re helpless against me! How can you honor them before me? What do they have that I don’t?”

“I should be prince of the power of the air; I should be god of this world!”

So the Satanic rebellion began. “I will exalt my throne above the stars of God! I will be like the Most High!”

Lucifer understands power, but not love. Which means he really doesn’t understand power at all! And he’s been sinning from the beginning because of it!

Well, I know some of this is speculative (“dramatic license” :slightly_smiling_face:), but I think it’s all consistent with what we know. So I hope it helps you with this question.


Thank you @Luna for the resources! I look forward to listening to them! And I really appreciate your taking the time to list them all for me! I know it is an interesting topic, but my curiosity was sparked by some other comments, I though I may as well ask :slight_smile:


Thank you, @jlyons, for your well laid out answer. That makes a lot of since! I know that knowledge is not particularity necessary for “how we are to live the Christian life”, but it has been a question that I have been slightly wondering. Your answer connected several dots for me, especially concerning how Satan understands “power”, but not love. That is the whole differentiating point between the fruits of the flesh and the fruit of the spirit: the drive for power vs the motivation of love. And, your “Dramatic License” sounds very much like my dad’s! I like it :slight_smile:


Zowie! To be compared to your dad - high praise indeed - thank you!


Your explanation @jlyons of the difference in the roles we humans have vs. the role of the angels was enlightening and clarifying. I had been wondering the same question as @AnnaLinzey for curiosity sake as well. I feel even more in awe and honored that God would create us at such a high level of honor and show us such mercy and love even when we grieve Him, and the angels are cast away for ever. We are so undeserving, but God said we were worth it even more worth than the angels to redeem! Wow, to get a glimpse again of how prized we are in God’s eyes is rejuvenating. I just wonder what eternity is going to be like with God in person! I do like to imagine it being an eternal life of service to Him. I just wonder what responsibilities we might be given charge over and where the angels would be under our jurisdiction. I don’t think we will find out until we are brought Home to be with Him, but I think it will be majestic!


Interesting comments. A little while ago I decided to read Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained’. It takes a little while to tune in with his style but then an amazing account opens up. Milton necessarily covers all this in detail, adding his poetic imagination but never in a way that makes you think he’s outside of his only true source. He was a ‘Polymath’ and influential commenter on society and politics, being involved with Cromwell’s reforms, so brings a lot of social understanding into the account. Its a sobering and inspiring read.


That does sound interesting, @jonsharp . Thank you for the info. It is quite a recognition that when society is looked at through the lens of this paradigm, and humanity is seen through the eyes of God. Though we still do not completely understand His ways of thought, compassion for others comes as a byproduct in recognizing the fact that Satan is not God, and he had a beginning, too. He is just such a skilled deceiver in convincing us that he has all things that God does in omnipotence, omnipresence and eternal existence.

This deception is a blindfold that ushers us up right into the deepest misdirection if we do not “try the spirits”. And though his battle rages sore against God and all things good, he can be used to see how bad we really want God. It then becomes clearer that those who refuse the prompting of God’s grace to pursue Him become satan’s weapon against themselves and society—all because of the desire to be like God in terms of position instead of character.

It is a mystery how a creator could create a being who has free choice and use that power against themselves, but God did it. In fact, we as the human race think we’re fighting God when we go against Him and try to become gods, but in reality we destroy ourselves. And that was the compelling reason for the need of the plan of redemption. The provision of redemption through grace was fulfilled when God then came to earth, entering the paradise that Satan meddled with and humanity messed up, and made a way for all who desire to regain that lost ground.

Thank God there is coming a day when we will be able to see the paradise that God intended from the beginning in the new heaven and the new earth!