How do we respond to Muslims who claim the Bible has been corrupted?

Hello sir!
My question is , how to react when a muslim or others make a statement that bible was corrupted? And muslims often say that there are predictions of Mohammed in bible.They support their claim by quoting John 14:16 and sometimes often quote Deutronomy 18:18 ?? How to defend the truth from such claims?

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Great question!

In such situations, remember the principle of “the burden of proof.” The person who makes the statement bears the burden of proving that statement. So, when a Muslim (or anyone) claims that the Bible has been corrupted, that person bears the burden of proving that claim to be true. If a Christian claims that the Bible is the word of God, well it becomes the Christian’s responsibility to prove the claim.

Christians often rush to defend the Bible when this challenge comes up. Resist that urge at first. Instead, ask some questions that put the burden back on the person who raised the objections. When someone says “The Bible has been corrupted,” I often ask - “How so? In what parts? Who did it? When did it happen? How could it have been so uniformly corrupted? Do you have prooff of this?” Some might have actual answers, but you’ll also find that a lot of people who say this are really just repeating something they heard someone else say.

I wrote extensively about this in my book, Grand Central Question. One way to look at this is through the lense of God’s greatness. Muslims believe (as to Christians) that God is maximally great (that’s why Muslims say “Allahu Akbar”). Now, if God is maximally great he must be all-powerful and trustworthy. Otherwise, he’s not truly great. With that in mind, consider the following argument:

  1. For God to be great, he must be all-powerful and trustworthy
  2. Islam teaches that the Taurat (Torah), Injil (gospel), and Zabur (Psalms of David) were revealed by God.
  3. If the Taurat, Injil, and Zabur were corrupted, then either God is not powerful enough to prevent the corruption or God cannot be trusted to keep his revelations from being so corrupted that millions of people die believing blasphemies about him.
  4. If God is not all powerful, then he is not great.
  5. If God is not trustworthy, he is not great.
  6. Every Muslim believes that God is great, which means that God must be powerful enough to prevent the corruption and trustworthy enough to want to prevent it.
  7. Therefore God prevented the corruption ot the Taurat, Injil, and Zabur (i.e, the Torah, Gospel, and Psalms).

I wrote this down quickly so forgive some of the informality of the way it is expressed. Again, I wrote more on this in Grand Central Question. I hope this helps you as you offer the beauty and truth of God’s word!