How do we share hope in the midst of pain to someone who may blame God for their situation?

If I understand your definition of conversational apologetics as being organic, as in unplanned, my question is how to start this type of conversation? It seems this actually takes some training as I’m at a complete loss in where to start. Example: after the loss of her baby few years ago my coworker states “I’m still angry with God.” Now the lunch break is over, I go back to my desk and am at a complete loss. I’m a follower of Jesus working through the loss of my husband but know I have hope and I have no idea how to share this hope in the midst of her pain. Where /how can I learn to be ready for these conversations?


Hi Terina:

I hear you. I’ve been there! Feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. Even now at times, this is how I feel. And I’ve come to see it as a good place to be!

It gives me a sense of dependence on God and puts things in perspective, that he’s the Saviour and I’m the tool he’s using and he will always do a great job, at it. This kind of makes the prospect of communicating Jesus, lighter and joyful.

This lunch time opening, is as organic as it could get. You don’t have to beat yourself up, about not being able to give a ‘great’ response to your friend.

She’s going through intense pain. She’s ventilating. She is entitled to, in some ways! She doesn’t know God, yet, as you and I do. And so we can’t expect any better from here, at this point.

During moments of intense emotional pain and hurt, the best thing to do is just be there and listen. I’m glad you didn’t play any of Job’s friends, here.

Perhaps, you could start praying for her and be there for her and keep listening. When God gives you another opening, as if you may pray with her for her comfort.

From there, I’m sure the healing and restoration would happen.

Genuine concern and compassion are the keys to genuine conversations and God will gently inch it forward as he gives you the grace and wisdom to articulate his love and comfort.

Be encouraged!