How do we share the Gospel with someone who is apathetic towards the faith?

Hi Daniel,

What advice do you have for us when we are in relationships with people who seem apathetic or disinterested to have any conversations about religion or the gospel?

Hi Carson, this is one of the most pressing questions of our time! I think one of the most important tools of an apologist is friendship. True, sacrificial, patient, loving friendship opens doors for conversation with the apathetic or disinterested friend. I find myself always tailoring my life schedule for the purpose of spending more time with my non-Christian friends. I want them to know I truly value them as friends. I will fly back from a trip early just to have a dinner with them, even if it’s just one of them. I want to build an authentic trust with them so they will let me speak to them when God is brought up. Recently, at a dinner party, one of my non-Christian friends said to the group in a jovial manner, “Daniel is the only reason why I’d consider Christianity!” That meant a lot to me! Someone said that the most important survival characteristic of the future church will be ‘hospitality’. I found that almost off putting because it’s rare to talk about it in Christian circles. And yet, at the same time, it resonates deeply as I’ve seen countless friends come to faith through deep, healing, sacrificial, loving relationships. We should earn the right to be heard with our friends before we ask them to consider changing their worldview. As you learn about their worldview, whatever it might be, it gives you something to study and research so you can better bring up questions and provide clarity on your own. It’s a simple answer, I know, but I hope that’s helpful!