How do you defend the faith in Jesus Christ against syncretism?

Great, thank you Carson.

Molo Mahlatse, my question is around syncretism which is practiced here by many friends and colleagues too. (The latter still shocks me.)

How do you defend the faith in Jesus Christ and him alone - no ancestors or muti or animal sacrifices?



PS do you ever come to East London?

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Molo @billbrander! Great to hear from you. I don’t visit East London enough (sad to say), but I should!

  1. One needs to understand it (listening to insider voices). Learn what the Scriptures say about it. Here is a research paper that I’ve found helpful towards this end:

  2. Humility. This is extremely important if one is seeking to do more than just defend, but also to win someone over to the Gospel or get them to at least consider where you are coming from. We need to see people that we are called to love and serve (in their context) with the Gospel.

  3. Prudence (relevant facts, prayer and common sense). Even with the Scriptures that clearly say that Ancestralism and Biblical Christianity are not compatible (mutually exclusive), there are a host of applications that one cannot just pull from the Scriptures and one needs God’s wisdom in order to know how to apply them in each and every unique situation. Prayer is vital.

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