How do you handle anger at God?

Greetings everyone. I think we all struggle with anger at God at some point in our lives and learning to deal with that anger in a healthy way is very important. So I wanted to ask—How do you handle anger at God in your own life?

Here are a few resources to check out if you’ve never considered this topic before. Christ bless our discussion and heal our hearts :slight_smile:


I love the open and thoughtful discussion in the clips shown here dealing with Anger toward God. I get upset with my situation all the time and sometimes this carries over to anger toward God. How do I deal with it. God and I have a discussion and this discussion is always very private but vocal and loud. Usually in my bedroom when no one is around and sometimes in the car. Essentially it goes like this:

God I have a problem. I want to talk to You about something and I want no interference from others particularly Satan. I want it to be just You and me and I want it to be private. I want You to know I do not like this situation and while I know You are dealing with it; I want to know how You are dealing with it. I also want You to know that its frustrating for me not knowing what to do for my part and You know waiting around for You to do something just isn’t they way you made me. So either calm me down or give me something to do. I just had to get this out of my system Lord so forgive me if I showed disrespect. And I want You to know I am grateful for all You have done and are doing in my life.


@dan0647 Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: One thing I took away from what you shared is the importance of private prayer. And I agree wholeheartedly. If we want to process our anger with God in a healthy way, we need to have a life of secret prayer within which to allow God’s Spirit to heal and guide.


Interesting how the question was phrased?
Let me answer that question in this way.
Having a belief in God and knowing something about Him but not knowing Him I did what I always did I ran away like a scalded dog and did my best to hide from Him.

Yeah dumb idea but I did not know any better so fight or flight kicked in and I ran.

What other choice was there you cant fight God so you just get angry because you cant win.

Anger and hatred destroyed me His grace and forgiveness restored me.
Today how can I get angry with a God who pursued me passionatley though I was angry at Him and hated who I thought He was for a multitude of years.
Unconditionally willing to forgive every indiscretion, and sin against Him, my wife, and children plus many others as well as my self. Further more He has never left me hanging not once.
He is who I run to not from when i get angry. No one else has the words of life.


@mgaplus4 Thanks for sharing brother :slight_smile: When you’re kicking against the goads anger is inevitable. But when you come to God in humility and receive His grace you can’t deny the beauty of what He has done in your heart and life, no matter how hard the circumstances. Profound truths…


It seems that this is an uncomfortable topic for the church. It is rare for me to find or hear a Christian discuss this topic. It seems to be a taboo topic, with many closing their eyes, and making merry, while others are forced into honestly by the sheer gravity of their circumstance.

I agree with Lee Strobel in the video that was linked in this post. I have heard every single response from the church on being angry at God, that he mentioned, in the video. It makes things very difficult for those who deal with severe trauma, and emotional and mental illness, to find community to travel along the road of recovery with, and guidance, solace and help with regards to dealing with, processing and healing their anger, towards God. It’s a taboo subject, and another cause of isolation and anger among many, who seek help from the church.

I didn’t grow up in the church, so, when I got around church people, I definitely didn’t get the notion that it was ever, ever ok to be angry with God, or allude to it. It would seem that recovery dealing with anger towards God may continue to be a lonely road for many in and outside of the church, as long as the church continues in this way.

I saw a video on YouTube, yesterday, where a Christian was trying to evangelize to a woman who worshipped her ancestors. She said that she was brought up in the church, and and not to question things. She also confessed that she had been molested as a little girl. She asked where God was for her, at that time. She was clearly angry at God, and walked away due to the lack of answers for her personal pain. The evangelical tried to answer her pain with theology, and I could tell that it wasn’t reaching her, because that isn’t the reason she decided to walk away from God and join this new spirituality. It was her deep pain, and questions and anger at God that needed to be spoken to. He later on tried to apologize for what she went through, but, he failed to see that this person required a different kind of response. This woman believes that she now has a better life, and has healed since she walked away from God. I fear that as long as the church continues to miss the mark, and stifle this reality of people being angry at God, there will be more people like this woman who will find “healing” elsewhere, and won’t find God or ever be close with Him, if they are a Christian. The church doesn’t know how to answer/deal with mental/emotional illness and deep traumatic wounds in people.


@KenStarr That’s one reason I’m so glad for ministries like RZIM that try to answer the questioner and not just the question. And places like Connect that provide a safe space for being honest about difficult questions. We all have more to learn when it comes to loving God and others well.

In the case of this young lady, it sounds like she came to associate the idea of God with her pain, so that when she thought of God she also remembered her pain and the struggle of reconciling her experience with a belief in God. By turning away from the idea of God, she also was able to leave that painful association behind and focus on moving forward with her life. I pray that someone will show her how much joy we can have when we lay our suffering at Jesus’ feet and cast our eyes on Him, the only true source of life.

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Thank you Sean. you are so right anger is inevitable, we each internalize, or externalize or anger. Your posts, responces are at times a trigger for me of memories.
We prayed with an elderly man who had been in Church for years maybe 70 years old yet never gave his heart to Christ till the night I am speaking about, because of anger and hatred toward God and himself. He seemed ok but had hid it for years. His anger became a private war with himself and was self desroying his life with lets just say dispacable things. An acronym coined by a book I read was the “BOSS” Behind Our Sunday Smiles.

Thank you again Sean I appreciate the many posts I have read.