How do you, personally, keep your relationship with God strong?

Thank you for taking time to help us. I enjoy listening to your talks and appreciate your messages about Christ’s immense love for us and how He values us. I was wondering if you could offer some advice on building a stronger relationship with God? How do you, personally, keep your relationship with God strong? I have come to understand that it is knowing Him, not just knowing about Him that is important. I would appreciate any helpful advice on building a better devotional time, especially in the area of praying.


Hi Michelle,
This is a critical question, as doing apologetics does become a little dry and academic if we don’t know the One about whom we are talking!

I try to engage in devotional reading every morning, as one of the first things that I do. That way, it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of my daily activities and sets me up for a spiritually dominated day.

I like to pick a devotional that make sense of my goals for that specific year. For example, last year, it was important to me to see the connections between the Old and New Testaments. Therefore, I picked the Robert Murray M’Cheyne one year Bible reading plan. You can find it on YouVersion. He takes two chapters from the Old Testament and two chapters from the New Testament and juxtaposes then do that and we can see The wonderful relationships between them. This year, I am dedicated to reading the Bible in a chronological fashion and so have picked a devotional that does that. There’s no magic formula here, except to say that regular Bible reading is really important. I typically begin my Bible reading with a short prayer asking the Lord to show me something that I need to learn from his word that gets me closer to him.

All the best as you press into your relationship with Him!