How do you redeem your time during the pandemic?

I hear a lot about the frustrations and hard times that are/may be caused by the changes in our lives due to the pandemic, but I know that there will be some good things that come from this situation as well. Especially for Christians, tough times can be times of growth spurts. Does anyone have any positive observations or experiences that they can share that would be encouraging to read?

Our lives in my home have been little effected by all that is going on so I have yet to share anything personally, but my oldest daughter has lately observed, when walking at the park, many more parents spending time with their small children. That has got to be a plus. :blush:


Right you are Carrie. My oldest daughter has 9 children and between school and sports events, she is constantly racing. She has family time for the first time. It is good.

I hope the Church is using this time to pray. Prayer, prayer and more prayer…


Tim, more family time is so good for us families when they tend to be so busy with events away from home. And more opportunities for prayer is always a blessing as we spend more time with our Lord in that way! :slightly_smiling_face:


Ooh, love your question and observation that this can have a positive impact. Reminds me of Romans 8:8.

Some disruption for sure, but also hungering for His word, praying, and spending more time helping each other and loving more freely. Time to research and discern knowledge for the truth. Time to sing, draw, even dance, and learn how to love under times of distress. Time to realize what or rather who is really important in life. Most of all though, reminder that He is the great redeemer of our time and offers second chances!


Things are going to get really hard for some people and there will be much pain, so I don’t want to disregard that fact. I just thought it would be nice to hear some positive things as an encouragement to others.

Your observations are wonderful, reminding me that we will spend more time thinking of others and learning how to be more thoughtful about life’s circumstances and carrying one another’s burdens. Thank you for sharing! :slight_smile:


Suzanne, it appears I’m stepping on your heels as I’m following you so closely! I loved your use of Romans 8:8. I love that chapter. That’s one of the first chapters I memorized. It’s why the Body is so critical because your application is most fitting but I would have missed it!


Oh yes, I didn’t acknowledge that Romans 8 is perfect! Such an encouraging chapter!


Agree. Praise the Lord. Nothing is out of God"s control. This the perfect time to praise to see the unification, appreciation of meaningful relation ships.
Also to trust, wait and obey. Exod. 14.10-13 remenber us the Sovereignty of God and the dependence of his mercy. It is a time for revival and drow near and cry to God, which star in us , in our families, communities, nations. Psalm 117 is a great way how we can sing and praise his Holy Name.


@gchop I have been thinking that God has sent the pandemic in order to force a Sabbath on our land. It reminds me of Leviticus 25.

You mentioned seeing more parents spending time with their children. Sabbaths–however one celebrates them, and on whatever day–are meant for spending time together in God’s presence. Our lives are filled with business in all facets. God now is removing most of that business from our lives. My wife, who is a social worker at a Philadelphia senior center, is now on indefinite leave. This means that she can both spend quality time with our son at home and relieve his grandmother of her normal daily childcare routine. I am not worried about the economics of the situation. If God sent this plague, God will protect us and our families. I have no doubt of that. We just need to take the time to look in our mirrors, remove the logs from our eyes, seek forgiveness from God for our cultural foolishness, and live in His grace for the times. I bet that we will see one of the grandest revivals in history!


Hi Brendan,

This is exactly what I am thinking too. The land has been moaning for its sabbath rest.

One thing that I observe from this is that time seems to stand still (as many of the activities have to be suspended or work arrangements adjusted etc), this, as many of you have pointed out, allow us to once again focus or prioritize what is important i.e. time with our family and coming back to the Father as we seek comfort, clarity and direction in this time of uncertainty and fear.

Another thing for us in Asia, God has used this situation to expose a cult in Korea which has deceived many using the name of Jesus.

Lastly, through this situation, I also observed that people are more civic-minded and exercise social responsibility more intentionally and consciously. Though the onset of the situation has also surfaced the self-centredness of people, but it has also shown the good and care of many.

Let us continue to hold on the promise in Ps 147:10-11 that His love is steadfast and His mercy never ends.

“His delight is not in the strength of the horse, nor his pleasure in the legs of a man, but the Lord takes pleasure in those who fear him, in those who hope in his steadfast love.”


Spending more time with family is a plus, even though we may not be able to step outside and go places. Taking out the monopoly game board, chess set, watching family movies and just reading good books and discussing what you read. There are a lot of good solid Christian books for children and adults out there. I’m re-reading books that have been on my shelf for years. If you think about a for a while, I’m pretty sure you can come up with something positive like memorizing scripture, learning how to present the Four Spiritual Laws, Bridge illustration, etc. Write a script and do a video at home and things like that. I think this pandemic is good for us, it makes us aware and causes us to think, that God and our families come first. Lastly, it should cause us to think of the very poor in third-world countries who basically have nothing to fall back on. It should stir us to pray for them and fellow-believers abroad.


@dannyloke1976 That article is fascinating and sad. God lights up dark corners with “evil” things like this plague. It is revealing what is in hearts. You and the Psalmist are right.


You guys do mean 8:28, don’t you?

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Haha! Yes, that would be 8:28. Verse 8 doesn’t quite seem as appropriate. :joy:

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Phil, you may be right but I wonder if Suzanne didn’t mean 8:8 as I had not thought of that but I think the verse is very appropriate. We redeem the time by pleasing God but if we are doing things in the flesh, it is not pleasing to Him.

Suzanne, what did you intend to write, 8:8 or 8:28? I was rejoicing seeing Romans 8 used in more ways than verses 1, 28 or 37-39.


Agree, this the perfect time to go back to our basics. Family. Definitely Gods has a plan and is always good.
His Holy Spirit is working active and harmonic. The book of Judges Ch 6 and 7 remember us that God is before us . And the battle belongs to the Lord by his Spirit. Zachary 4.6 also remembers us the power of the Holy Spirit WORKING IN THE SONS OF THE LIGHT. There is not other way but the way of our God Almighty !.



You are so right. Psalm 117 (the shortest chapter in the Bible) has a super message. Verse 1 uses two Hebrew words for praise. The first Hebrew word is the familiar praise (הָלַל, praise with a flavor of boasting). We get the English word hal-le-lu-JAH from this. The second Hebrew word is praise (שָׁבַח, praise with a flavor of commendation). We are to boast in what YHWH has done and give reasons for our commendation.

I love the way the second verse combines His covenantal love with eternal truth. When mercy and truth are praised together like this, it reminds me that the law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus (John 1:17).

I love the way you combined God’s SoveREIGNty and His mercy. O that we would truly draw near to God - all of us - all nations - all peoples - all tongues - all families.

You post was spot on!
Lloyd Olson

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