How do you talk to a relative who is a catholic?

How do you reach out to a relative who is a catholic ?

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I have many relatives and friends that are Catholic. I was brought up in a Bible church, hearing and believing the Scriptures. I went to Catholic high school, which only served to reinforce my faith in Christ crucified as the only way to eternal life, I could see the discrepancies, and have always desired to share the Gospel with Catholic friends and family. I want to ‘speak the truth in love’. They are very set in their beliefs and ways, and don’t want to hear ‘about a whole new set if rules’.

I would just like to refer you to Peter Kreeft. He is my favorite teacher and apologist of all time. And it turns out that he’s catholic. He actually converted to Catholicism. Interestingly he is probably more popular with evangelicals than with Catholics. He has published over 70 books and has 60 some free talks available online. My favorite talks are called 1. Identity and 2. Imagination but they are all good. My favorite Kreeft book is Three philosophies of Life. He has a number of fun books that are structured like Socratic dialogues with some very witty discourse.

You want to build a bridge to your catholic friends and family. Not push them away. Ask them to listen to a Kreeft talk to look at a Kreeft talk with you. Maybe Kreeft being a catholic will help you both feel like you have common ground (and you do—a lot of it). Ravi quoted Kreeft regularly as do a number of the RZIM speakers. You can trust him. Listen to a free talk to get and intro. You won’t regret it.