How do you try to address such issues like the one in the image in a social media space


Thanks for that question. I’ll be blunt… for me personally… I would ignore it. But only because I’ve tried so many times to argue productively online and it is never what I would call an argument and certainly not productive.

But if I found this at my workplace with people who I know and who know me… I would welcome the picture as the start of a discussion. Anything, right/wrong/offensive or otherwise that brings up a discussion around Christianity I welcome because it at least starts the conversation.

For this in particular, I would be asking if it is really accurate… the Bible never (please correct me as I may be wrong) never talks about salvation being from Death or Hell. Salvation is from sin which leads to Death and Hell. So in the picture the last box isn’t right. Jesus came to save us from something we do, not something he will do as a consequence of that.

That’s just a thought. And please don’t let me dissuade you from chatting online. Some people do it wonderfully and well and have God given patience for it… I do not, therefore I stay clear. :slight_smile:

[Disclaimer: Any comments I make towards online discussion do not apply to this forum… it rocks]

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@Bra_Krox_Effectx My thought is the best answer is to not rise to the bait. From Biblical times Christ has been mocked, and that’s not likely to change.

We can pray for the persons creating, distributing, sharing, liking such content. Pray that their conscience will be nudged. Pray that they’ll come to see their need for a savior and that Jesus is the one and only savior of the world.


@tsbehan and @Jennifer_Judson thanks for your thoughts. It really hurts me when such lies are shared. There is an instance where someone who had questions about faith but was not properly addressed found such Facebook posts by one “celebrity” very convincing and emboldened him to leave the faith. I therefore feel the need to always leave a comment that shed the light of the gospel for anyone like the guy who was questioning his faith.


Good on you brother. May God give you wisdom and guidance in what you say.


I’m not sure if it would be helpful to post on that actual thread or not - since a lot of people are probably just heaping scorn. But since this person used art to lead people astray, you could use art to show your friend the truth :slight_smile:


Saw a group do this skit in person once - it was super powerful.