How does a believer glorify God?

I am a a believer. Can someone please refresh me through answering this question? Bible verses as well as your own life experiences?
So grateful I could always turn to this platform for help such as this! God bless everyone here.


The Westminster catechist asks the candidate for baptism “What is the chief end of man”? “The chief end of man, sir, is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever”. To glorify God is to live a life of submission unto Him, so that your works are His works. You cannot take credit for what you do not do, so “all glory to God”. And in the participation of the working out of His will, we begin to enjoy HIm forever.

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This is a great question. One we should probably meditate on daily. I observe in my own nature what is selfish, prideful and protective of my desires. When I observe and relate to the Person of Christ, He reminds me that I’m called to be like Him. Am I reflecting Him or me? Does my response to a situation point to Him or me? It’s a daily struggle. The many times Jesus called His disciples to “follow me” is a place I try to start (Matt. 4:19, 10:38, 16:24, John 8:12, 10:27, 12:26 and many others! If you go to and search for “follow me” it’s pretty amazing!) We see the Lord’s absolute humility throughout the gospels and described succinctly in Philippians 2:4-11 where His submission to the Father’s will and self-imposed humility brought the Father glory and saved us from eternal separation from God.
My husband and I were just discussing how humility is work (it’s not when someone ELSE is called to it! LOL!) But ultimately we should consider it a breeze because it’s letting the Lord do the work, and He should receive the glory and credit for any good that is observed in us.
I recently experienced a public humiliation in a Christian environment. It was a very unexpected situation where someone responded in a surprisingly antagonistic fashion while I was answering a question. This person is looked up to in this environment, so their knee jerk response was a public rebuke. But I was at peace with what I had said, and I rested in that the Lord has His hand over all things. I have control over my response eventhough I can’t control anyone else’s. At the end of the day I face the Lord with my choices.
The scriptures give us a glimpse of Peter’s strong personality which seemed to struggle with fear and pride (like me.) But Jesus worked faithfully and lovingly with Peter and even gave him a glimpse of what would be required of Peter in the end (John 21:18-19) which again pointed to submission and humility that was so beautifully demonstrated in the life of Christ.
I hope your week is blessed with His Presence, Priscilla!

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