How Does Christianity Differ from Pantheism?

How Christianity is unique to a lot of pantheistic worldview? How a Christian share the truth of the gospel to a pantheist?

How Christianity is unique to a lot of pantheistic worldview? How a Christian share the truth of the gospel to a pantheist?

Allow me to answer this in a generic way first and then perhaps pick out and narrow down on the points that may resonate well with a pantheist.

Here are some reasons why I think Christianity is unique:

This is a personal list and is sure not exhaustive.

1. Jesus as Saviour - Sorrowing, Suffering and Scarred Saviour

Edward Shilito’s,
*"The others gods were strong, but thou wast weak, *
They rode, but you stumbled to a throne,
And to our wounds only God’s wounds can speak,
And a god has wounds, but Thee alone!"

The idea of a Saviour who’s uniquely qualified to experientially empathize, with the suffering world is really existentially powerful, as the idea of maya, the pantheistic solution for the problem of pain and suffering is existentially highly insensitive, and ever rude or irrelevant.

  1. God as Trinity - The relational, composite oneness of God, can be creatively used to explore and draw at least distant parallels to the ideas of Dvaita and Advaita and can become a point of contact and conversation.

  2. God’s Profile
    The greatest conceivable being, has to have the greatest conceivable virtues and none, is demonstrably perfect in being as the God of the Bible, reveals himself through its pages and history. The idea of God’s attributes (guna) - nirguna (no attributes) and sarguna (all attributes), would be a good conversation point, too.

  3. Human Profile
    The Bible is the most accurate descriptor of the human potential to reflect the divine and also the depravity that we can all identify with and makes the best representative - logically consistent, empirically adequate and existentially relevant point and is worth exploring with a pantheist, who has the idea of divinity (imago dei) within, though is distant and associations have to be drawn to it.

  4. Missional God
    God who initiates, God who invites, God who rolls up his sleeves to get into the muck and mire is compelling.

  5. Strange Salvation
    Do Vs Done
    There is nothing for us to do, no mountains to climb, no rivers to cross, no self-mortification, no pilgrim/holy centres to visit, nothing to earn. It’s all done for us, and we receive it, solely by grace.

  6. Sure Faith
    Tested and reasonable faith and not superstitions or a blind leap in the dark. Not a philosophy, but a Person!

  7. Modelled Morality
    An outflow of the character of God, a transcendent unchanging reference point to hold on to. And a God en-fleshed Who modelled it in real time, flesh and blood for us.

  8. Assured Destiny
    A clear assured destiny, as opposed to the cycles of rebirth, until a final escape into nothingness.

  9. Non-dichotomous
    No dichotomy between dogma and praxis. Belief and behaviour are see as a composite whole and can’t be incongruous.

  10. Worldview Champion
    Answers all major worldview question, the best, given all the other options, acing the test of truth, like none other worldview.

  11. Verifiable-Falsifiable
    The only that encourage and invites people to verify its claims and falsify it too!

  12. The Book
    The inerrant and infallible Divine-human project, that fits like a zig-saw over 1500 years with the golden thread of Jesus running seamlessly from Gen 1 to Rev 22!

  13. Resurrection
    The only Saviour that predicted his death and resurrection and showed up to 500. The ultimate test of Truth and demonstration of victory over the final enemy death!

I’m sorry for making the points sketchy. but I hope these could serve as a grid to explore a point of contact and initiate conversations.

That was a lot to type!!!


Thank you so much for the effortful and incredible answer.
It helps a lot!