How does Coronavirus fit with Bible prophecy?

How do we connect the coronavirus to Bible prophesy? Thanks!


Good morning Dr Moore, I have come to know David Wilkerson over the last 20 plus years through his personal testimony and multitudes of verbal and written messages. He went to be with Lord a few years back. In the current pandemic, World Challenge His former Ministry, now overseen by his son Gary just sent an old message from 2003 that shares a connection. I do not know if you are familiar with him or not?
I have attached the link below.


Please share your thoughts on this and whatever else you feel applies.



Well, in Matthew 24:7, Jesus did say that at the time of His return, the chaos in the world would be characterized by, among other things, pestilences. He did not elaborate on the word any more than that. So the best connection I could make between that and the Coronavirus would be that the world now has one more example of what all could be included in the endtime pestilences.

It’s vague, I know - but anything beyond that, I’m afraid, would be purely speculative.


@CharmlesWilliamMorganJr Hi Clarence, thanks for your question. As we heed Jesus’ exhortation to be ready for his return and to understand the times—to be watchful and know the season we are in—it is challenging to discern how events in our world fit in the big picture of God’s eternal purposes.

In a livestream tonight, someone asked whether the Coronavirus is an indicator that we are in the last days. @Abdu_Murray addressed the question, and I think there is a lot of wisdom for us in the approach he takes. Here is the video, cued up to the relevant section:

Abdu points out that what is essential is to be in a place of spiritual readiness through faith in Christ, and that the fear and speculation regarding whether and exactly how this is a sign of the times can be a serious distraction. I might add that it can be divisive among believers, so we would do well to keep faithfulness to Christ and sacrificial love and service of others as our central focus. Let us be watchful and pray for discernment, living lives which bear the fruit of the Spirit which is always in season.


Hi @CharmlesWilliamMorganJr, I love your question because it’s one I’ve been thinking on myself. I think it’s good to consider the views that it could be a sign of the end times but also that it mustn’t be a distraction for us - we have a big focus to keep actually.

I’ve been reading Jeremiah this last week and what God is saying about His people could be said about our world today - I don’t mean in a prophetic sense necessarily, but that it paints the same picture as in the past. He laments that they have turned their backs on Him, that they have set up false gods, even the leaders, politicians and priests have turned their backs. God then allows difficulty as a result. Years ago, I’d have seen things like this as a ‘divine punishment’ . However, over the last few years in my times of Bible study, I’ve come to understand things like this as a ‘grace period’ before judgement. God desires that none should perish, and in his grace he provides opportunity to turn from our wicked ways back to him. If we are considering end times prophecy, we could say there is an acceleration in this.

Whether or not the a Coronavirus is directly linked to prophecy, whether or not this is the end times, I feel we should be praying for our lands, turning back to God on behalf of the people.

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 2 Corinthians 7:14

The link that @mgaplus4 shared doesn’t just focus on the negative here. There’s a great reminder that there will be revival. I think the biggest thing we can take from all this, is that in God’s grace, he’s asking the church to wake up! And to preach the gospel, and see hearts and lives changed amidst the turbulence. And when you see it like that, I’d say, yes, it’s pretty close to Bible prophecy :grinning:


I think that most people will relate this with Revelations, where is written that some things must happen before Jesus comes for the second time. Specially in Revelations chapter 15 there is a list of things that will happen in the end times. I think we shouldn’t be worried about the prophecy. Maybe Christ comes tomorrow, maybe in 20 years. I think we should be more worried of him coming and finding us not doing what he commanded us. That is sharing the gospel and making disciples. Act 1:8 and Mathew 28:16-20.