How does God judge those who have not heard the Gospel?

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I was hoping to gain some perspective on how God judges those who have not heard the gospel. Does God judge those who dont hear the Gospel based off of there obedience to the law written in their heart? Or does He judge them by there acknowledgment and faith in Him based off of what is revealed to them in nature? Or do they need to believe in Jesus to be saved? I’ve been backand forth with what I’ve interpreted in scripture so I’d like to hear others thoughts. Feel free to answer outside of the confines of my questions if that’s where your answer takes you. Thanks guys!


@Collins I think the blunt answer is that God has not told us exactly how He is going to judge every category of unreached person. Ultimately I think we have to answer a more fundamental question, “Can I trust that God will do what is right and fair?” And I think that we can say ‘yes’ to that question because we have experienced the love of Christ.

A brief summary of my position is that:

  • God has ordained history so that people might reach out and find him (Acts 17:26-27)
  • On the day of judgment, God will judge each person according to the knowledge they have and the thoughts of their own hearts (Romans 2:14-16)
  • We can trust that the judge of all the earth will do what is right (Genesis 18:25) because He has proven His love for us in Jesus (Romans 5:8)
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Here is another good post. Be sure to read the embedded link in this post.

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I was just posed this question by a fellow brother in Christ who said he was asked this question by a nonbeliever. Thank you for the post and the responses. Every person is reached differently and these perspectives may help reach a nonbeliever.