How does God use the plurality of denominations?

Thank you so much for this, Michellle. I have a very similar background in that I was raised Pentecostal but later attended an evangelical Episcopal denomination, now broken off into the Anglican Church of North America. The reason I left the Pentecostal church was that I felt so much of their worship was based on emotion, specifically as evidenced in the speaking of tongues. I actually asked God to take away my emotion.
After being in the Episcopal church, I did find my faith became more balance, as you so well explained it. Now, I’m attending a Baptist church and God has given me my “emotion” back, but it is now more of an expression of my deep love for Him than what I experience in my earlier years in the Pentecostal faith.
I praise God for the work of you and your husband in bringing balance to both the Anglican and Pentecostal denominations. Your response has helped me understand more of my journey.

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Thank you for sharing some of your background and story with the RZIM Connect community. God is so gracious and personal to all of us, and I love that he uses different expressions and denominations to teach us more about Him. The bible says that church is the body of Christ and that we make up the family of God. Just like in earthly families, children have different personalities and relate to their Fathers differently. It is so important that we continue to remain charitable to our brothers and sister in Christ from many different denominations and that we remain open to how we can learn and grow in our own faith as we learn from them as well. It sounds like God has brought you on an incredible journey, and how wonderful that there is always more to learn of Him!

Bless you,

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