How does one effectively describe to unbeliever the joy, peace and freedom you have theu

How can I effectively describe to an unbeliever the joy, peace and freedom you gain from total surrender to and primary focus on Jesus?


Hi Jill, good question my answer my be too simple, just be yourself. Being transparent, being you and not pretending to be super spiritual or anything like that. People respond to others when they are genuine. When you talk with your friends or unbelievers you have to be willing to expose some of your flaws in a honest way. People appreciate honesty and transparency when engaging in a conversation. In a culture where PC dominates our conversations, even in Christian circles, we have to be genuine, a real person. I hope this was helpful, it’s a bit simple but I have had success in being me, with all my faults as I speak to both believers and unbelievers.


Thank you Abraham! I agree with you about being real with people. I know when someone is that way in front of me, I feel safe with them. But I was wondering if there were a good way to express in words the amazing blessings God gives us when we pursue Him. I’ve tried to do it and the words just don’t adequately seem to describe it. But thanks for the reminder to be real.


In such a case, I think the best witness may not be word based, but in allowing others to observe for themselves how you respond to life’s trials. If you have peace in the midst of situation where other’s would show anger, despair, hopelessness, or other negative emotions, I think it will stand out. Additionally, you could consider useingspecific examples from your life, particularly circumstances many can relate to such as death of a loved one, illness, job loss,

Aside from that, I would caution against painting too optimistic a picture. Everyone is different, but the Christian will suffer. Even Paul stated that he despaired of life during one of his many sufferings (2 Corinthians 1:8) and there are many psalms of lament. We will still have to contend with the negative emotions of this life. I personally struggle severely with depression. My faith gives me hope and the will to carry on, but the painful emotions are still there.


Oh, I’m so sorry to hear of your depression. My mother suffered with it four years before she died. And she was a strong believer whose prayers for me all my life Led me to Jesus. Thank you for your answer! You may be right that words are not the best way to express this. And I also realize that we may not be aware of our influence or witness to another. So thank you and I pray you will get relief from depression. Thank you for your efforts to help others with your testimony!


Glad I can be helpful. You might like to use something like Bill you got to hear this, this will knock your socks off and then tell your story whatever it may be. Explain how God did this or how you asked God for something, etc. I’m speaking as a guy so just be yourself and simply share what’s meaningful to you. This is just an example. Bless you, Jill, may you be successful in all things.

Psalm 20:1-4


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Hey Jill @jlacross. What a great question. As others have described actions speak louder than words, 10 million times more. Some people even may find it too pushy when you try to evangelise to them or try to approach the unbeliever. A lot of unbelievers see Christians as hypocrites that are judgmental, that just want to tell people what to do, while making Christianity their money making business in Churches. I say this to say that when you live a life that is genuine and you dont tell people what to do then they start asking you questions. They see your beautiful generous spirit, the trust you have in God while others panic, the peace you have, the forgiveness you show to others, all of it will start to speak volumes. Then they will start to want to associate with you. They go, “I wonder what makes him/her this way.” They ask you why you choose to do one thing over another. They may try to understand what you do for hobby and spare time. If your life is in Christ, it will start to be an automatic response that is not pressured. You could invite them to Church. As they see you are not a judgmental level headed person, they will start to ask why you think in a certain way. They might say “You seem to be a level headed person, but how can you say homosexuality is wrong if that is all they can do. They were born that way.” or “How are you so calm during this COVID 19” or “You just lost your job but you are not even phased.” or “How do you find time to volunteer every 2 weeks when we are just as busy as me.” That will open doors for discussion and evangelism.

I hope this helps. Keep making God first place.
God Bless You.

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Hi Jill what I have learned is that unbelievers listens with their eyes. So when I talk to them I try to find a point of interest where I also had difficulty in overcoming and then xplain how Jesus carried me through. I also make use of scripture that gave me the proof that this is God speaking to me. I hope this is useful have a nice day

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Thank you. It does help!


So glad I could help have a nice day