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How does our longing for control point toward God?

I really enjoyed the take-five videos “are you made for this world” by Alanzo Julian Paul and “our longing for justice” by Shawn Hart. Both talk about how the desires that we feel ultimately point toward the existence of the God of the Bible. The fist video argues that our longing for a beauty which goes beyond what we experience on this earth shows how we were not created for this world, an how Jesus is the only one that can satisfy this longing. The second video argues that our longing for justice reflects the God of justice, in whose image we were made.
So I was wondering… how does our longing for control point toward God? Control in this context meaning our longing to have “everything under control” (regarding our lives; this very day, our future, even our past), our longing to be the king of our own lives, to make decisions and plans the way we want to. The Bible teaches that God should be the king of our hearts because he is God, and because he is trustworthy and knows what´s best for us. It´s what we want too, theoretically, but practically we all too often forget and our desire to decide for ourselves and to be in control for ourselves, takes over. It´s like that´s how we´re made (wanting to reign ourselves), and we constantly have to remind ourselves to step aside and let God reign. It gets easier the more time we spend with God, but yeah, it doesn´t come naturally…?

So, applying the same logic as above (concerning our longing for beauty and our longing for justice), where does that leave us with our longing to be in control of our own lives?
Could you/would you argue that this longing for control points toward a God who has everything under control?
Our does it point toward something else? The evil inside of us? Our longing to be God?

I´m not sure I´m able to express exactly what my question is, but nevertheless looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this topic.


I would like to contribute but first it sounds like you are asking if a longing for self control points to God as opposed to life lived under the direction of God and his revelatory ability to illuminate the lives of his image-bearers and to give each one the ability to achieve a life lived in his control and by his power through Christ Jesus.
My thoughts.


Perhaps i may make a suggestion. For years I have pondered why I like control and in my search i have discovered link a to safety and order. My need for ‘control’ seems to be strongly associated with my need to feel safe and to bring order to chaos in my world seems linked to ‘tend my garden’ or creativity. God is our safe place and i have been able to overcome control problems through an understanding of God’s stability and safety within His boundaries of Grace. In the same way the focus to look for beauty has overcome my compulsion for control or perfection. Again creative beauty is compelling. These are thoughts to ponder only…