How Does Political Science Intersect with the Ministry of Apologetics?

Dear Lou,

Thank you for sharing your educational background! How do you personally use your knowledge of molecular biology in evangelistic conversations? I’m also intrigued about the way political science intersects with your ministry today.
Kirk Kellogg

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Hello Kirk,

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, my answer will not be as enlightening as you might have hoped. I studied molecular biology and political science at undergrad because I had every intention on being a physician. But God had other plans and I am no longer pursuing that realm of study. Also, I am 7 years removed from my molecular biology degree and I have become quite rusty in that area of conversation. So the short answer to your question is that it very rarely plays a role… other than when I am specifically talking about science/faith or medicine. It helps that because that was my major, people dont assume I am a “non-thinking” Christian. Its more of a conversation starter than anything else. Finally, being a science major has allowed me to develop analytical thinking which is very useful in the realm of apologetics. So overall, it was the ways of thinking that I learned that are the most helpful versus the actual knowledge of molecular and cellular biology.

To your second question. Prior to working in the realm of ministry I did work on the Hill for a Senator doing health policy. Politics in general will always come up with what we do at RZIM. Some of life’s biggest questions involve the political sphere. Having that background has been far more useful than I ever thought. Being able to discuss political questions without becoming partisan or demonizing an opponent is a true skillset I am grateful the Lord has developed in me. If you noticed, this is something Ravi was excellent at. He would take the political and make it theological verses the other way around which I think is brilliant. WE never want to end with our political beliefs, we want to end with our Christian beliefs. Our Christian beliefs are our foundation and are what should inform our political beliefs; unfortunately, if we are not careful, we will let our political persuasions inform our christian beliefs which honestly is a kind of idolatry (of which I am very guilty of). In general, I believe Christians should be very active in the political sphere pushing for what is right and just, but we cannot let our hopes be in a man made document or country. We are citizens of His Kingdom before we are citizens of any country or party.

Does that make sense? I hope that answers your questions. Please feel free to ask a clarifying question if I didnt answer it well.