How Does Prayer Really Work?

Prayer can be a confusing practice in the life of the Christian. Some mock it, claiming it is nothing more than deluded self-talk. Others have difficulty understanding why we need to ask God for things He already knows He will provide. For many, the seeming lack of answered prayer can cause us to doubt God’s goodness, or even his existence. This week, Vince and Jo discuss the nature of prayer and suggest some helpful ways to understand how God uses it to relate to us and to work in our lives.


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A question I’ve recently wrestled with this summer is the role of praying for the salvation of non-believers. I’ve heard messages from RZIM and others urging us to pray for those that don’t know Jesus, some describing prayer as a “super-power.” It makes sense – it feels natural that when talking with God I’d pray for those I love that don’t know Him, that’d they’d know His grace and peace and salvation too. However, I’m a bit confused. Does their salvation somehow hinge on my prayers? And in the bigger picture, does everyone have the same, equal opportunity to know Christ?

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