How does the Foundations of Apologetics dvd curriculum compare to the RZIM Academy’s Core Module?

This seemed like the best category in which to ask how the dvd curriculum “Foundations of Apologetics” compares to the Core Module of the RZIM Academy. Has anyone done both or have inside info that could comment?

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Hi, how to enrol in module class? Thanks.

Hi, @Sarah_Formento. I’ve never enrolled in one of the modules. (I had actually posted a question in this category myself.) Below is a link to the FAQ page for the RZIM Academy. Perhaps it will help :slight_smile: . This may be the first time I’ve inserted a link in a post, so I hope it works.

FAQ page for RZIM Academy

Be blessed!

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Hello, Leah! I’ve moved your question from a couple of weeks ago to the Daily Evangelism category in the hopes of giving it greater visibility. :slight_smile: I’m unfamiliar with the Foundations of Apologetics DVD set, but know that there have been some newer releases since then (I think it was produced around 2007?)…including the Core Module. Would be curious to see if there are folks out there who have participated in both and have an opinion!

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Thanks, Kathleen :):relaxed: . I noticed you’ve moved a couple of my posts lately. I appreciate you getting me into the right lane.

Wishes to you for a warm and merry Christmas :star2: . God bless you!


Hey Leah, I’ve done a bit of research on the Foundations curriculum as I’ve been asked this too. Although I haven’t watched the course, I did have a look at each DVDs promo video, so hopefully I’m on the right track.

  • Foundations is dated 2011, The Core is more recent. This is a minor difference though as the content in both is of a high standard.
  • Foundations is 12 DVDs each around 1 hour long by one lecturer, Core is 12 weeks with 2 x 30min lectures by two different lecturers
  • The biggest difference is in the Core you are placed in a group/class of students and moderator who you interact with through forums. You submit reflective & practical assignments and you receive a Certificate once the core is completed and most importantly gain access to the other modules available through RZIM Academy.
  • Foundations has 8 experienced RZIM apologetics only 2 of whom are not in the Core. The Core has 13 top RZIM lecturers. All our favourites really!
  • The topics do cross over in some areas, however, the Core has several topics applicable to our culture today such as Islam, Doubt, Thinking Well. To be honest I think both sets of lectures will bring a different perspective so I wouldn’t hesistate to do both.
  • Foundations has powerpoints & printable booklets to share with groups. The Core is for individuals as you are a student working towards graduating from the course.

I hope this is helpful.

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Yes, bless you! This is helpful. I have many time constraints that would make participating well in core impractical and was hoping the dvd curriculum would have a comparable educational value to core. Thank you for taking the time to watch the demos and explain the similarities and differences between the two offerings.

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Thanks Michelle!! That’s very helpful. I have enrolled in the core module that commenced on 6 Feb.

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