How have you seen God answer prayer?

(Carson Weitnauer) #1

Hi friends,

I recently heard Craig Hazen, “founder and director of the master’s program in Christian apologetics and director of the master’s program in science and religion at Biola University,” share some incredible stories of how God has answered prayer.

For instance, he was catching up with a Biola alumni from Ghana named Kojo. Here’s the story:

After Craig shared this story, another member of the Apologetics Leadership Group shared a similar story.

When he was growing up, in a Pentecostal church, a man fell dead in one of the services. Medical professionals who attended the church, including ER nurses and doctors, attended to him but he was past helping. The pastor and the church gathered around the man and prayed for about thirty minutes, asking God to bring the man back to life: “Don’t take him from us yet.” The man then came back to life and faithfully served in the church for another decade or so.

In sharing these stories around RZIM, @Stuart_McAllister told me a story that is well-known in YWAM circles. Here’s how it is recounted in the book Ashes To Glory:

Interestingly, Stuart was present for this miracle! He visited the YWAM camp where this happened a couple of days after the fish had jumped out of the sea near their camp - and was served some of the “miracle fish” for a meal.

Hearing these stories encourages me to pray more boldly and expectantly. God is at work! We can ask him to work powerfully in our lives as we seek to glorify him and serve others in the name of Jesus.

Please do share: what miracles have you seen God accomplish?

(Please don’t reveal any personally identifiable, sensitive information without all appropriate permissions).

(Daphne Corder) #2

I have a close family friend who is a Christian and a widow who has seen many miracles in her life similar to the ones discussed. One recent miracle came in the form of a simple framed photo she had near her bedside. It was a black and white drawing of Christ body lifting off the Cross as to show it was going into heaven. She had it for many years and noticed that it began to turn brown due to what she thought was the high humidity in the house causing it to brown. Her daughter had told her a week before Easter that the photo looked bad and was ruined. She said she had noticed the decline and was going to try to find someone who might be able to fix it. When she passed by it on Easter morning, all of the mold was gone and there was gold lining all around Christ’s body. She was in shocked by the brillance of the gold. Her other daughter had recently died of cancer and she was going through a mourning. She lost her husband as a young mother and now she suffered seeing her daughter go through 3 years of cancer treatment. She cried and began thanking God for showing her the beautiful gift. She asked him why He did that for her and He told her it was because she believed.
I tell this story because many people don’t have their eyes open to the miracles that are around them They don’t believe, so they don’t see them. My story of conversion in my profile is a miracle. I was raised learning only about a harsh God who always looks to see what I have done wrong. He purposefully pursued me and put me in situations that would ultimately lead me to Him. He loved me and showed me grace. I will be forever grateful to Him. I feel confident in His desire to reach all people. I pray to Him and ask Him to seek others the way He sought me out.
I hope this story inspires anyone who reads this to look for God in all places. I have attached the photo but it doesn’t do it justice on a camera.

(Daphne Corder) #3

REMEBER: this photo was only black and white and had NO color or gold. It was molded only days before.

(sandycathcart) #4

I’ve been a Christian a long time and I have such an amazing long list of miracles and answers to prayer! God is utterly faithful. I will share just one here:

My husband and I have five children and we came to the Lord while we were living in our dream home . . . a home in the woods with no electricity or running water . . . but we loved it there in the woods, as did our children. Not long after our home burned to the ground and we ended up smack dab in the middle of town (a place we never thought we wanted to be), my husband was out of work due to rheumatoid arthritis. Many people knew of our situation so they would often call with odd jobs so we could make enough money to pay our house payment and put food on the table

I was very creative with food in those days. Buying beans and staples and making them stretch. We ate two meals a day (the kids got free lunch at school). But the day came when we had nothing left in the cupboards. I put our last meal on the table and told my husband that was it. There was nothing left to stretch.

Cat had us all hold hands while he prayed, thanking the Lord for taking care of us and would He please continue to take care of our needs. Before he even finished the prayer, the phone rang. It was a commercial fisherman who wanted Cat to come and row the boat for his clients. Not only would Cat get paid but he could also bring home any fish the clients caught and didn’t want to keep.

He returned that night with three huge salmon!

I was so excited! I ran out to the garden to see if anything was ready (it was still early spring) and for the first time ever the peas and potatoes were all ready! I called some friends and invited them to dinner. They showed up with an enormous fruit salad. For days we ate all this food like manna from Heaven. Until finally, Cat received a check for his rowing and we were able to buy food.

The very next week one of the pastors at our church showed up at our door with boxes filled with food and toilet paper and detergent and dish soap. He didn’t even know how bad off we were, he said the church just wanted to thank us for our volunteer work with the youth!

That was early on in our walk with Christ and it gave us a foundation of amazing faith.

BTW . . . it wasn’t long after that God healed Cat of his arthritis. But . . . that’s another story . . .