How long did it take for the Qur'an to be compiled?

Hello Nathan I know that the earliest new testament book was written some twenty five years after the death of Jesus, and others started about 45-50 years. I want you to help me with how long it took for the Qur’an to be compiled and please don’t forget to point me to your source because the few google searches I have done seek to suggest that it was not even up to 3 years after the death of Mohammed that the quran was compiled but I read Nabeel’s Seeking Allah Finding Jesus and in it it was started that it took over 200 years before the quran was compiled after the death of Mohammed.

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Great question! Yes, as you’ve noted Google may not always show the greatest authorities on this topic. I would start with Keith Smalls book “Holy Books have a History)

(I’m not saying you need to get these from Amazon, I just used it for the pictures/links)

For a deeper dive I would suggest these two:

Keith Small:

Andy Bannister:

Unfortunately, they are a bit pricey because not many people are willing to really look into this. The fact is that the more we push into it, the more ambiguity we have even about Mohammed’s life. The short answer is that I don’t know anyone who isn’t a Muslim who believes in a three year window between Mohammed’s life and the complete Quran that we have today. I hope this gets you pointed in a helpful direction.