How many miles did Paul walk during his ministry missions?

Hello RIZM Community,

I am preparing a Men’s Ministry session on “Walking for Jesus”. The greatest “walker” of course was Paul. I’m trying to get an accurate answer to the question on how many miles did Paul walk during his ministry missions. I have seen estimates ranging from 4,500 to 10,000, but none are from an accredited source. Can anyone point me to a reputable source to answer this question?


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Hi Kirk,
that sounds like an interesting study.
This resource gives the stops

and this resource seems to have done the calculations (and the cost of travel) using an Stanford University tool called Orbis, and they have put the excel sheet there for the 3 missionary journeys, plus final trip to Rome; including which parts are on foot. You could edit this a bit to calculate just the distance on foot??
might be a starting point? :slight_smile:



This is exactly the tool I needed. From editing the Exel Spreadsheet, it appears Paul walked approximately 7,289 miles on his four journeys. Thank you so very much!

God bless you and RIZM