How often do you share your faith?


(Carson Weitnauer) #1

Hi friends,

Our passion at RZIM is to help the believer think and to help the thinker believe. This obviously involves sharing our faith with others - in a humble, Spirit-led, wise, and empathetic way.

Thinking about Connect this morning, I got curious: how often are we sharing our faith? Let’s find out!

Also, in the comments below, would you please share what obstacles you face to sharing your faith?

  • Multiple times a day
  • Every day
  • Every week
  • Every month
  • A few times a year
  • Never

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(SeanO) #2

@CarsonWeitnauer I think knowing how to contextualize the Gospel in a way that a specific person wants to listen and understanding when is the appropriate time to speak are both pieces that make it challenging to share faith more regularly. Sometimes the time simply does not appear to be right. Other times the person just seems to have such a different way of thinking it is hard to know how to convey the truth.

(Tim Ramey) #3

Carson, I think the biggest obstacle to sharing my faith are situations where people are available to talk about it. Also, I am in a remote location and there are not a lot of people daily to talk to so I seem to use the phone conversations! I don’t know what happened, but since I was paralyzed 19 years ago it’s easier for me to talk about what is important to me. I think the big difference is I feel no pressure on me as I talk about Jesus.

It’s interesting as I hear all of who talk on campuses etc, as I don’t have many encounters where I am confronted by the difficult questions. Rather, I face people who don’t seem to know what they really believe.

(Ron Livaudais) #4

I am a Flight Attendant with Southwest Airlines and live the Servant’s Heart Life while serving the customers.
God makes the appointments, but we still have to show up. I pray every day that God will show me and I
will be the vessel to bless someone’s life for the Kingdom. Just yesterday I came in contact with Lucas at a place of business and mentioned to him how his name was close to one of the gospel authors, Luke. From there, with the abbreviated time I had was able to share the difference between being religious and having a relationship with God as a Jesus follower.
God does make the appointments. Are we willing to let our light shine and be the salt Jesus talked about
that puts a thirst in people’s lives to want more of Him?

(Tim Ramey) #5

Ron, you will never realize the impact you have on the people on your flights whether it is verbal communication or just glowing with the Holy Spirit. You are in a hospitality setting where it is not always appropriate to jaw with guests about Jesus but I think your fellow flight attendants have to ask what is different about you. The passengers do too but you are not able to easily give them a spoken response. Praise God that you are where the Lord has you!

(Tanya Sumerel) #6

That’s a humbling question. I’m not sharing my faith verbally as often as I should be. Not going to a ‘job’ 5 days a week is a little bit of an obstacle, because I’m working on a farm and only have ‘regular’ outside contact once a week at the Farmer’s Market. I do share my faith by my actions in that I treat others with respect, love, and kindness but I believe God would have me do more in initiating conversations.

(Ron Livaudais) #7

Thanks Tim for your words of encouragement. The words of Jesus that come to mind: being wise as serpents
and gentle as doves definitely come to play in my interactions with both fellow employees and customers.