How should a Christian view kundalini and chakras?

(Phil S Kvasnica) #1

So I heard on a YouTube video about kundalini, and that some churches/ worship teams are trying to harness that “power” in their worship. I know a bit about Chakras, and all that, but I have several Hindu friends, but I have no idea how to explain that essentially it’s all bunk? Or is it? Like my question above, how would you answer that, solidly?

(SeanO) #2

@pskvasni What exactly do you mean by ‘scientifically compare’? Chakras are supposed to be a form of energy - are you suggesting trying to measure them with a scientific instrument? At the bottom are two definitions I found of kundalini online - if these disagree with your understanding of kundalini please let me know.

Up front, I want to say that kundalini is not - and I will repeat not - to be compared with the work of the Spirit of God. Kundalini - like magic of old - is an attempt to gain control over reality through a technique. It is a technique to attempt to gain power or peace. It is a technique to tap into a power that resides inside of us.

In the Scriptures - if we look at Romans 6-8 - there are three actors in our lives - without Christ we have only our mind and our flesh. Our flesh is a slave to sin even when our mind desires what is right. The Spirit of God enables us to crucify our flesh with its passions and desires and obey God. He renews our mind through God’s Word and empowers us to live a holy life. We do not control God’s Spirit! No technique can force God’s Spirit to do anything. God’s Spirit indwells us when we approach God with a sincere heart of repentance in response to His love and grace through Christ Jesus.

At its worst I think kundalini could involve contact with evil spirits. But generally it may simply be a means of trying to gain control in a chaotic world or to find peace. But the Scriptures say God is the only one in control and that peace only comes through Christ Jesus - not a technique.

Does that seem logical to you? I had never heard of kundalini before, but these are my thoughts after reading about it briefly.

“The awakening of kundalini signals the awakening of the powers of the soul in the body. Whether this is for good or evil is another question all together.”

“In Hindu literature, kundalini is described as a very powerful form of psycho-spiritual energy that is coiled at the base of the spine. According to yogic understanding, when awakened through the disciplines of yoga this energy uncoils and moves up through the spinal canal, piercing the ascending energy centers (chakras) and eventually entering the brain. Great energy, insight, and bliss are said to accompany the experience of kundalini when it reaches the crowning energy center in the brain.”

(Phil S Kvasnica) #3

I guess I was looking for a reply from someone who actually KNOWS what this stuff is like personally, and has a logical, analytical realistic/Christian perspective of it.

(SeanO) #4

@pskvasni May the Lord provide you insight and one of His servants who has a history with kundalini and is a mature believer to help you process this question :slight_smile: