How should a church best reach atheists via social media?

Good day Matthew. How should a church best reach atheists via the social media?


Hi Bill! Thanks for this question, this is a big topic! If I could contribute something I’ve realized about approaches to social media, I think there are two extremes worth avoiding.

The first is to be extremely quiet and withdrawn with our Christian faith on social media. This isn’t good because we have a message worth sharing, and most people are completely unaware that there are actually good reasons to believe in Jesus. We do our friends a disservice by never bringing these up, or being too afraid to offend anyone.

The second extreme is to spend all of our time arguing with atheists online. In my experience, when you encounter an atheist online, it’s very unlikely you’re going to be able to change their mind or convince them in a social media debate. It’s far more productive to have a conversation in person. So if someone you know interacts with you on a post, ask to continue the conversation in person. And if it’s someone that you don’t know, my advice would be to only continue the conversation if it seems fruitful.

Hope that’s helpful!