How should Christians Respond to Scientology?

A topic for discussion: How should Christians respond to the Scientologist? This is a very popular religion among celebrities…

Well for one any religion that requires you to pay for enlightenment is just using its followers. Money should have nothing to do with your soul or even an improvement of self in the sense that it does something supernatural to you. But most who are in Scientology grew up in it and you have to treat it like any other cult. You talk to that person ask them questions to help them question their own faith. But do it in Love of course.

Sometimes we don’t have to try to “save” a person but just plant the seed by asking them to consider a few things. Most who I’ve seen leave the cult left because they began to question a lot of what was going on and when they did they were met with hostility. We also have to be understanding and have compassion for them. To leave something like that takes a lot of courage and since they install fear into their members for leaving they need a lot of support if they ever try to do so.

Most Christians don’t want to get involved when it comes to that point but we have to if we are talking about reaching them with the love of Christ. It’s not true ministry in my eyes if we witness someone in that situation then when they decide to leave we say “great and good luck”. That’s not good enough in my opinion. If one is going to be bold enough to witness to a person in a cult then you have to be willing to help even if it’s just a little bit if they decide to leave. Or at least find an organization that can help.

Just my 2 cents lol :slight_smile: