How strong is our case?

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I’m looking for resources on textual criticism. I have questions like, how accurate is our copy of the Bible today, what are the oldest manuscripts we have for both the OT and the NT, what passages in the Bible are doubtful, etc…

Thanks for your replies!

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There are many threads within this community that discuss textual reliability. You can search for that topic. Here is one of the threads that might be helpful for resources. What book(s) would you recommend to study the historical-critical method?.

(Anthony Weaver) #3

I would highly recommend the book, A Ready Defense, by Josh McDowell. I studied this book as part of an apologetics course I took in Bible school, and I was blessed and strengthened through it. Josh does an excellent job of revealing and explaining the historical reliability and authenticity of the Scriptures In this book.

(SeanO) #4

@Armando Good question. Here are a few resources I would recommend for getting started. My personal approach to this topic is not to try to hunt down every uncertain passage at once, but rather to understand why I can trust the Scriptures as a whole. Then, as I encounter passages that may be in question, I study them one at a time.

Also, when you encounter these questionable passages, please check out the NET Bible (link below). It is a great resource for reliable textual criticism.

Christ grant you wisdom :slight_smile:

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Thank you all for the replies! :slight_smile:

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