How the life in heaven would be like?

My question may be similar to questions already asked and I read the answers. But I still want to ask this question.
I came from a communist country, and I am kind of familiar with the idea of Marx. According to him, contradiction is the driving force for the development of things, and this is the idea comply with Hegel’s Dialectics. I think this is also why some philosophers hold dualism. But the idea of Christianity is that there is only one good God, evil exists is because what originally good became bad by themselves.
The history is going forward by fighting with the evil. When we are in heaven, there is only “Good”. What would be the driving force for life in heaven and what it would be like?


@Katherine_Guo Great question :slight_smile: I believe there are two main points that need to be clarified about Marx’s own thought before we move to how Christianity would respond. This analysis will naturally be somewhat simplistic, but it should still make the point.

  1. What does Marx mean by contradiction and how does that relate to evil?
  2. What did Marx mean by “history going forward”? How did he define progress?

Regarding (1), Marx was referring to the struggle between the classes that he believed resulted from capitalism (if I understand him correctly). Regarding (2), Marx believed that this struggle would result in the overthrow of capitalism and a transition to socialism. So, for Marx, the struggle between the classes would drive a transition to socialism.

Two important points here:

  1. For Marx, socialism was the goal and contradiction (class struggle) was what propelled society towards that goal

  2. Marx’s contradiction was not the same thing as evil. It was a social / economic reality that he believed was moving society in a certain direction.

Now, how is this different from Christianity? Let’s consider a few important points.

  1. In Christianity, the chief end of man is to enjoy God and glorify Him forever. Socialism is not the goal, nor any other political system.

  2. Jesus’ Kingdom is not of this world (John 16:33) and we are only temporary sojourners in this world.

  3. God put man in the garden to work it and made us stewards over creation. Even before evil came into the world, humans were building civilization and enjoying God’s presence.

  4. In the Bible, evil is always destructive and never productive. Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy and all of his works will perish in the end.

So, what motivates life in Heaven? Jesus! He is our life and our peace and joy. In Him all things hold together and to Him, for Him, and through Him are all things.

But what about all the things we enjoy doing on earth? Art and music and literature and technology and the rest. Will they be in Heaven? Why wouldn’t they be?

You don’t need evil to write stories or sing beautiful music or plant vineyards or laugh with friends. And who knows what else may await us that we don’t even know about? Surely if God could create a world such as this one for us to live in He will make a New Heavens and New Earth beyond what we could ask or imagine. The Bible does not give us a lot of details about Heaven, but we can trust that it will be amazing!


Katherine what a great question, may I first say.

Sean, I agree this is on point. I love it.

Gods goodness, and fathomness, riches of knowledge, and depth of His kingdom that would take an eternity to comprehend. As Jesus said we will be as the Angel’s in heaven. The vastness of heaven will be an exciting journey not frought with evil, pain, heartache, or anything bad. Oh what a day unending day that will be. Is there a limit on how much goodness there is? Pleas be safe, and be careful out there in our covid climate.

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Hey @Katherine_Guo. Great question. I am so glad you are curious to see what Christianity is all about. Keep asking, you’ll find all the answers of your heart. I promise.

Now to the answer. Let’s lay down some definitions here. Good is the definition of God. God by definition is good. Wherever there is God there is good and all the benefits you get from good: happiness, peace, being content, not starving, not worrying, no death, joy, family, abundance etc. Absence of God is the opposite. It is evil, hate, selfishness, hurting one another, hoarding things for oneself, disease, suffering, hell.

At beginning of creation, God told man that if he tries to just live by his own thinking defining good and bad without the guidance and relationship with God, that it would lead him to self-destruction and death. If you look at our world, since man wanted to do things all by our own thinking defining what is good and bad, from the beginning of time with Adam, we have been creating the evil of the world as we live selfishly taking from one another, focused on money, our own pleasure, building military power to “protect” ourselves when in fact we are the ones causing the problems ourselves. As a result everyone lives defensive scared of each other, with borders around, negotiating to sell and dominate countries, hurting and killing one another. God, time after time in history, told man, to come back and to stop doing evil, to have guidance from God, and have a relationship with him. Else you will die as it is seen again and again. Now man never listened, so 2000 years ago, God came as a human being, as Jesus Christ to repay for all the sins we have committed by dying for us. You might ask Why would he do such a thing? As we have said above God is good right? So for all the sins that you and I commit everyday since the start of time and for all the cries of the people, justice has to be delivered. If he has to deliver justice, that would mean he has to take out each one of us since we are the ones causing the evil. Instead since he is good and loves us so much, he pays the price for it by dyng for us. That gets us free and allows us enter into heaven when we die.

Now, in heaven there is no dying, so there is no such a thing as needing a driving force for life. It is not like we can choose to die or give up. The second thing is you dont need evil to continue to build and enjoy life as Sean and Mike mentioned above. You just wont have suffering and you wont need to be jealous or be hateful to one another etc.

Another analogy I could use is being in College. This might sound funny and it is my own experience. When I was in high school in USA, there were many students that did not want to be in high school and so they fought with the teachers and argued and they just made the environment so ugly and hostile. In USA, all children are pretty much forced to go to high school. But in college, no one forces you to go and so everyone that was there was happy to be there and worked without a problem and in peace and joy. That’s how heaven is, everyone who wants to be with God is there. God will never force you to be in heaven if you do not want to. Everyone gets to choose to be with God or not to be.

I hope this helps. Please continue to ask and seek God. I promise he is good and trustworthy and he will not disappoint you.
God Bless.

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Thanks for your answer.
Something not related to this question but interesting to share: recently I am reading a book about how to write good stories. It is said that there is a formula to write a good story: the hero wants to achieve his desire, a story starts with his desire, he takes actions, then there are obstacles lead to a downward result. He tries again with greater effort, and then come to the end, whether he achieves the goal or not. This is one of the reasons why I ask this question haha. Even a story need a destructive power.
Your answer inspired me truly. Before evil enter, we are asked to be fruitful. The driving force for us should be God’s love and our response to God’s love.

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Thanks, you really point out the essence of Sean’s answer.

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Thanks for your answer. I am a Christian and still in the way to know God better.


@Katherine_Guo Indeed :slight_smile: That is true that part of what makes a story engaging is the interaction between the protagonist and the antagonists, as well as the obstacles that stand in the way. Tolkien said that the thing that really makes stories powerful is when the darkness grows so great it seems impossible to defeat and then suddenly, inexplicably the light overcomes the darkness. He called it eucatastrophe and he said that the Gospel is the most beautiful example of it in all literature.

Throughout Scripture God was constantly showing grace and mercy to humankind, seeking to draw us back to Himself. And yet continuously man went astray. It seemed like darkness had won. And then Jesus stepped into the world, God become man, and did what no one would have believed. He gave His life on the cross for us and defeated death once and for all! The greatest enemies of mankind - sin and death - were dead. And now we await the happiest ending of all - when Christ consummates His Kingdom and we live with Him forever in a place with no tears, or sorrow, or pain, for the old order of darkness will have passed away.

Hallelujah! What a story!!!