How to approach post modern worldviews?

How do we have a conversation with post modern world viewers if their worldview seems so “volatile” and with no foundation or concept of absolute truth. It seems hard to find common ground and points of agreement to even carry on the conversation.



That’s a good question! In the last century modernism was the rule. They think they can reach truth from reason. Now, a generation after many wars, we think (as society) that reason drove us to that miserable point, so maybe there is no truth at all.

That’s why a rational approach maybe doesn’t result in something fruitful. I think the best way to approach to someone who has a postmodern mindset is at first try to show him/her that there’s no possible to every opinion be right at the same time. I think a good way to do this is pointing unjust cases (our moral insights are strong).

After that I think there’s not a step by step manual, because every person is an entire universe! Maybe there are many emotional barriers, and the goal is that we must have wisdom in order to preach the gospel through that ways. Even Jesus did that way, He never preach the same way twice. He talked one way to the Samaritan, another to the centurion, and on.

Pray for wisdom and have many stories at hand to testify how good is our God.


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Hello, welcome, Ana, to Connect. Great question and a really difficult one.

The Postmodern generation is a complicated group. I totally agree with you, they object to the ideas of objective value, reality, truth and reasoning. It is not easy to connect with them.

@Renzo.DG hit it right on the nail. There is not a step by step manual to approach them. Since they are more self conscious with relative moral sense, each has his own school of thoughts which often appeal to emotion above reasoning. What you will need is probably a one-to-one approach, be patient and take time to build confidence and relationship first.

When you are able to get into a deeper conversation, ask for their opinions first, get to know what they think. Then at some point, ask a question to help them find out their own contradiction. There is no need to challenge them directly, that will just cut off the chance for any further conversation. But throw hints here and there and let them think about it themselves and make their own decisions. If it does not work, try again next time with other questions from another angle.

Don’t give up, keep the conversation going and pray for God to work on their hearts. :heart: :pray: :pray:

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