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How to Avoid Self-Seeking Love

In today’s Take Five, Lara Buchanan continues to explore Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians. Today Lara focuses on the 15 attributes he ascribes to love, all built around the central line that, “Love does not seek what is for itself.”

“When Paul comes to the point of defining love, it’s as if a person walks onto the pages.”

A Christian philosophical approach which grounds love in a personal God is more compelling, rationally, than that of platonic philosophy.

Both Herbert’s poem and Hunt’s painting depict the Jesus who leans towards each one of us, who always seeks what’s for our good, who certainly won’t push His way in, but who offers His love to each of us.

Make it Personal

  • What does “love does not seek what is for itself” look like lived out in your life?

  • How does our witness to the world change when we have a clear perception of love personified and embodied in Christ?