How to become an apologist

How can I become an apologist? Is it possible to study with the RZIM remotely? Thank you :slight_smile:


In some ways the Bible calls ALL believer’s to be apologist’s in that we should all be able to “give a defense for the hope that is within us”. That being said, I was mostly self-taught through various books I read before getting more formal training through RZIM (EAP) and Crossexamined Instructor’s Academy. I recently finished my Master’s in Apologetics and did it online so that may be a good option in these times.

But I encourage you not to wait for the formal study and to begin reading and studying and engaging in conversations with those who don’t know Christ.

Lastly, I believe if you search they have online courses available.

God bless.


Hey @guyfava,

This is a great question. There are many offerings through RZIM, but if you haven’t checked out the RZIM Academy, I’d started there—especially for remote learning.


Hey @guyfava, in my humble opinion, becoming an apologist is as easy as learning arguments in defense of the Christian message, then gently, lovingly praying that that God will guide you towards people who disagree with you!

As to the first goal, we’d love to have you join us on one of our fantastic RZIM Academy Courses, curated by the incredible @Ivy_Tyson. I’m sure there are more than a few GAC attendees who can vouch for how good academy is!! There are also a ton of books that cover essential apologetics topics. Abdu Murray’s book Saving Truth and Rebecca McLaughlin’s book Confronting Christianity are great places to start.

But truly, I’m convinced the best way to sharpen your apologetics skills is always going to be in conversation with people who disagree with you. It’s our view at RZIM that the highest goal of apologetics will always be evangelism.

Jesus says “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” Why should we stockpile apologetics knowledge? Obviously, one reason will always be to strengthen our own faith. But if my goal is truly to love my neighbor and my world, then sharpening my ability to speak convincingly to them should be at the top of the list. And only love gives us the sensitivity, focus and dedication we need to have those conversations well.

Col. 1:29: “To this end I strenuously contend with all the energy Christ so powerfully works in me…”

Praying for you bro!


Thanks Alex. Will do!

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Thanks Gary. I appreciate it!

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Wow @Kasey_Leander, thanks a lot! That’s awesome! I am reading a lot on the topic and I watch and listen to Ravi’s lectures daily, and now book marked your book recommendations!
My wife and I are youth leaders at our local church and we have three children, one being an adolescent, and it’s being a fantastic experience where I get to apply lots of apologetic teachings! Our youth are so curious, it’s amazing!

I’m so glad to have found this community! May God keep blessing you all! :slight_smile:


@Alex, @gabudjr, and @Kasey_Leander have all directed you well in mentioning the RZIM Academy Courses. They are great! If you’re looking for conversations to jump into, I hope you can continue your involvement here on Connect. I find this is a wonderful place to grow. I’m learning about how to discuss sensitive topics with love and grace, and I gain insight from other people’s answers.


Thank you Jennifer! I’ve been reading and watching Ravi for a while, but just discovered this community and I look forward to growing together!
By the way, your friend Paul from Brazil reached out to me, and we will get together soon. Thank you! :wink:


I am now reading Dr. Ravi’s: “Beyond Opinion”, which in my view a deep read as a complete overview! I can hear his logic & block by block foundation to try to understand & explain the broad range of topics governed by human relationships as quoted, “winning people rather than arguments!”

Hi guyfava,

We’d be happy to have you and your wife at the Academy! I recently finished the Core Module and almost at the end of one of the electives. I must say even my old deep questions are beginning to unfold and answered and I believe that’s important in becoming an apologist. Core Module will be available this January:

At the same time, I’m reading my bible more and more, reading more resources on the subjects and recently listened to RZIM :

I’m glad you and your wife are passionate about ministering to the youth which is one of the most important in this generation. I hope to see there and more blessing to you!!