How to defend on skeptics' claims

Dear brothers and sisters,

I have three questions:

  1. It is said that, after a well researched by someone, Jesus Christ of Nazareth did not exist and all stories about Jesus Christ of Nazareth were rewritings of older pagan myths… relatively by a well educated Greek-speaking (and writing) Christians during the 2nd half of the first century.
    Is is true? Is there any historical evidences to the above claimed?

  2. Did Romans invented Jesus Christ of Nazareth? Is there any historical evidences that Romans invented Jesus Christ of Nazareth?

  3. Jewish myth/myths says that Jesus Christ of Nazareth did not exist. Why?
    When did Jewish myths started? Is there any historical evidences to their(Jewish)claimed?

Thank you.

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Secular historians even Bart Ehrman, who wrote bestsellers against the credibility of the New Testament conceded Jesus and His death are historical.
The Gospel of Mark was written no later than 75 A.D. Some argue it was written as early as 40 A.D. Paul’s writings can be dated from 50 A.D. John’s Gospel which is believed as the last gospel to be written was also penned around 95 AD. A small card containing two verses of this Gospel is found in Alexandria which is dated around 130 AD.
Now, compare this to other historical records. Alexander’s history was written 400 years after his death, yet no one questions about its credibility.
Moreover, the martyrdom of the early Christians tells us that they were not lying about Jesus and His resurrection.
Coming to your second question, why did Romans want to deify a person who is said have existed and executed according to that myth in the meanest way? It was after 300 when Christianity was first allowed to be practiced in Roman empire. Before that Christians lived under the persecution of the Roman emperors.
Moreover, Jews don’t say Jesus never existed. In their Talmud tradition, it is mentioned that Jesus practiced witchcraft. They also couldn’t accept the crucified Jesus as their Messiah. Though their perspectives are against Christian belief, it has nothing to invalidate the integrity of the New Testament which of course is the most reliable historical document.
“The Case For Christ” by Lee Strobel" and “More Than a Carpenter” by Josh McDowell" whichI found very helpful in this topic will also help you.
You can also visit
for further information.


I recommend the following books are resources:

If you read these you will find the the mythicist view of Jesus is incoherent and does not stand up to historical scrutiny.


I am currently going through the last book by Dr. Williams. It is short but I am in Seminary so I can only read it during breaks lol. It is very good.

I would some up your question like this: Is Jesus an actual historical figure? I’ll be frank; the historical and archaeological evidence is exceptionally vast. I am not sure why people still try to dispute his literal existence. If you don’t want to do a bunch reading, here is a 3-hour long discussion with two Dr’s. from The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics on the historical evidence for the Resurrection. While it is about the Resurrection, there is enough archaeology and history in the talk to answer all three of your questions. Here’s the link:

Thank you so much Sir! Your answers,It helps alot.