How To Flag A Post

(Carson Weitnauer) #1

Hi friends,

In the RZIM Connect community, we are trying to balance two goals:

  1. Creating an encouraging, welcoming environment for everyone to participate and grow. We want to accept people as they are. We want to be gracious, respectful, kind, and supportive of one another as we grow in our faith.
  2. Maintaining a high bar for quality of content and tone. Too many online environments descend into rude, poorly thought out discussions. By contrast, we want to intentionally build a culture of thoughtful reflection that is always respectful.

So, as you participate in the site, please encourage other members by selecting the “heart” icon to “like” their posts and replying to their post to thank them for their contributions to the discussion.

At the same time, sometimes a post does not meet our standards. In this case, please flag the post. To do so, select the “flag” icon:

Then select the reason you are flagging the post:

At this point, an official RZIM Connect moderator will review the post and respond accordingly.

By actively flagging posts that don’t meet our terms of service, you will help RZIM Connect remain a respectful, welcoming, and valuable community to learn from and grow in.

In advance: thank you!

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