How to grow as a critical thinker using Connect?

(SeanO) #1

Connect is an excellent resource, but how can we integrate Connect into the process of becoming a better critical thinker? Like the Bereans, how can we use Connect to help us learn to think through issues on our own?

One way you may grow as a critical thinker by using Connect is to try the following when you encounter a question that is troubling you or a friend / family / Church member:

  1. Can I refute this objection on my own without additional information? Is it logically inconsistent?
  2. If no, take some time to look up articles on Gospel Coalition or NET Bible notes or other reliable resources (or read a book - which may take a week or two)
  3. Write out on paper / electronically some of your thoughts and any arguments / evidence you found helpful
  4. Sleep overnight and give your brain time to process what you’ve read and thought about
  5. Mull over your thoughts again after taking some time away from the problem
  6. If you still cannot figure it out, post it on RZIM Connect

The benefit of this process is that it helps you grow as a critical thinker, which at the end of the day is more important than simply getting an answer. In addition, as you find good resources - like the Gospel Coalition - you can make a list of places you can go when you have new questions in the future (including Connect!). I am not seeking to drive anyone away from Connect, but to help us all to use Connect as a tool to grow as critical thinkers rather than as a shortcut to an answer.

How do you think we could use Connect to become better critical thinkers? Looking forward to your thoughts.

(Ashish Money) #2

Thank you Sean for encouraging to pursue Connect as a tool to grow as critical thinkers. I am very much in agreement in what you are suggesting. I confess I used Connect to just get answers, following this practice will not help me to grow as a critical thinker. Need to work on those 6 points you mentioned.

(SeanO) #3

@Ashishraj Excited to hear your motivation to grow as a thinker and look forward to hearing more of your thoughts on Connect!

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #4

Thanks for sharing how you do it @SeanO. I do affirm that I notice that you do those things you listed in the manner you answer people (like looking up articles).

Few things that I do:

  1. I come with an attitude of being a learner.
  2. I do my best to read every response to the question.
  3. I ask myself if I’m satisfied with the answer.
  4. If yes, I ask myself why I am satisfied.
  5. If no, I ask myself why not, then if not, I do my best to search for an answer that will.

(SeanO) #5

@omnarchy Thank you for sharing! I think that is a very helpful workflow that demonstrates humility and a willingness to truly reconsider one’s own ideas and manner of expressing those ideas.