How to invite skeptical friends to church?

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I’m trying to get my skeptical friends to join me for church on Sunday mornings, but I’m apparently not saying the magic words. They become uncomfortable and change the subject. Has anyone had success with getting atheist, agnostic, or simply indifferent friends to go to church? I appreciate your shared experiences. God bless you all, and thank you RZIM.

(Sanjib ghosh) #2

Dear @Oscar,
thats great that Lord has given burden to reach your non believers friends.

I can share my experience, I had a colleague who was athiest.
duribg our works I had lot of conflicts due to work criteria.
But by grace of God, I always tried to not to prompt any answer which might tempt him.
Also God helped me gradully to become friend of him.
I shared joseph’s(old testament) life and jesus’s life,
he got better opportunity and decided to leave our company.
On farewell lunch one of my colleagues, tricked him , just mentioned that he will be free from my work challenges.
But he confessed before everyone of my team that he very ruduly behaved with me many times and he could not able to tempt me even worst moment.

On that day
before leaving , he came to my desk and said sorry.
Praise God that after two months he had new baby, and he called me to give the message that he give the baby’s name Joseph.
An athiest given biblical name his baby .he told he might go church.

Only Jesus can change heart.
hope it might encourage you.

(Carson Weitnauer) #3

Hi @Oscar,

This is a fantastic question - thank you for asking it! I hope many people will share their experiences and we can learn both from our mistakes and successes.

One question for you: how do conversations about spiritual matters go with your friends? If you are having deeper and better conversations with them in general then I believe their interest in coming to church with you will be greater. However, if you are repeatedly inviting your friends to church and they have consistently said ‘no’, then continuing to ask them - at this time - may reduce the trust in these relationships.

Also, it may help to think that the goal is not - at least immediately - to get them to church. The goal is for them to know and experience and respond to the love of Jesus. That may happen in church or out of church. But, if they meet Jesus and become his follower, then there will likely be a great desire to join with his people at church!

One approach you could take is to focus less on how you want them to change and more on understanding what they believe right now. That is, ask lots of very open-ended, genuine, curious questions - and then just listen. Don’t ask questions that are actually arguments - just ask questions to learn more about your friends. As you do this, you may gain better understanding in how to pray for them. And, as you think through their perspective, what information might help them become more curious about Jesus.

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That is so sweet*:heart: