How to love Muslims during Ramadan

(Carson Weitnauer) #1

Hi friends, @Interested_in_Islam,

I understand that the observance of Ramadan begins this year on Sunday. I would be curious to understand two things from those more knowledgeable than me.

First, what do you plan to do to build relationships with Muslim friends during Ramadan this year?

Second, what videos or other resources do you recommend for helping Christians (and Muslims) understand one another better? For instance, a video that respectfully presents the differences between Islam and Christianity?

I look forward to learning from you!

(Dean Schmucker) #2

I am also interested in this topic, as all of my wife’s family are nominal Muslim (though my brother in law has seen a vision of Jesus). My own approach is just to love them, and pray for them, and let God do His work in their hearts. I am not sure there is anything else I can do, but am looking forward to reading other perspectives on this issue.

(Cameron Kufner) #3

This is one of my favorite videos of witnessing to Muslims. Todd makes a great point. “A lot of Muslims aren’t radical, they just need a radical encounter with Jesus.”

We need to have supernatural mercy and grace for those who are Muslim. It breaks my heart to know that they think they are serving God, but are not walking in the truth. I know they feel like that cannot measure up with things such as the five pillars. It’s all about works. I think one great place to start would be to ask them what they think about Isa (Jesus)? Hear them out, don’t debate, don’t condemn, and don’t judge. It is our job to love & share the good news, and God’s job to bring the increase. Hopefully this helped in someway.

(Sanjib ghosh) #4

Dear @CarsonWeitnauer,
Thanks for encouraging on this thoughts.
I have one Muslim colleague whom I had taken interview before .
We became close after that interview.
As Ramadan started , I was just talking with him about the customs. He expressed difficulty to prepare foods at evening as both of them in his family are working .
So, I just offered him that I am happy to prepare some food for them . He was a bit amazed and told that if that happens then he might take my option.
After RZIM, core module, it’s opened my heart to talk with Muslim regarding culture and their religion gently and openly.
Keep pray , because I have few questions which I am planning to discuss with him that Lord may open the door to bring His truth.
Please you all share some resources that may help me or others to be equipped for deal with Muslims.

(Cameron Kufner) #5

Some great resources I would suggest are to listen to Nabeel Qureshi (Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus) and David Wood (Acts17Apologetics on YouTube). Although David can be controversial, he’s still super sharp and I learned a lot about the Quran from him. Check out both of those resources. May God bless you and your conversations with your Muslim colleague.

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(Sanjib ghosh) #6

Dear @CamKufner,
Thank you , I will dig on those.

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