How to Love People Well

Lou Phillips is taking time to help us explore five spiritual disciplines Christians have been practicing for millennia and why we need them as much now as ever before. On day five, Lou explores the Christian practice of charity, and how this process is the natural outflow from the first four disciplines that he explored.

Some of us are spiritually starving and we don’t know why. We read our bibles, we pray, we do all of the “right things” and yet we still feel spiritually malnourished. Could it be because we are so internally focused that we’ve overlooked the application?

In a time where the future is so uncertain, what better way to show the world our certainty is in Christ alone, than to be generous with our time, our resources and our money.

Christ didn’t die so that we could live safely and comfortably in our salvation that He purchased for us. No, He died so that we might storm the gates of hell by pushing back darkness in all realms of society. That we would pursue justice, help the marginalized and come alongside the weak and the poor of society.

I pray that history looks back on this time and says that in the midst of global uncertainty, the church lived so charitably, so generously that many came to know Christ as their savior through the actions of their Christian neighbors.

Make It Personal

  • Does charity seem to naturally flow out of the spiritual disciplines, or does it feel like “something extra” to do?

  • What are some ways that you have found to be charitable during this time?


What a beautiful message. love it. Faith without works is dead. We focus soo much on ourselves we forget the bigger picture. It is not about our salvation only. It is about our brothers and sisters all around us.

To answer the questions:

  1. When put in perspective, it does not feel like extra work. We have to give what is freely given to us.
  2. I have not, but I have been meaning too. I am in the works to start a non-profit, if God willing. But it doesnt have to be in big ways always, even a small charitable action is important to be done every day.

Thanks RZIM.